University of Maine at Presque Isle
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University of Maine at Presque Isle
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Mika from Van Buren, ME

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Despite being a small rural school, UMPI offers a lot of great courses to its students especially those going into the field of education, ranging from English to Recreation and Phys. Ed.
Am enjoying being here
Being a smaller school, you get to know more people on campus which leads to a more enjoyable college experience through positive interactions with both staff members and fellow students alike.
Bang for the buck
UMPI also offers great financial aid and scholarship options to students along with a good quality education for a low-cost tuition (especially for Maine, New England and Canadian residents), which makes it a bargain in the college market.
Tips for prospective students
For prospective students, it is wise to get applications done ASAP and attend Early Acceptance days held by UMPI at their high schools for a better chance at desired courses and financial aid. These dates are normally set in early-mid. December.
Great for these types of students
UMPI is a great school for non-traditional and commuter students, of which it has the highest population. The staff and campus community as a whole is very sympathetic towards the needs of these students who either travel great distances (like myself who lives 40 miles from campus) or have families, jobs and other obligations in their lives besides school.
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a current student here
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In three sentences
This school feels like its own little community, and I absolutely love how welcoming it is. The faculty and staff work hard to not only please the students, but to also create lasting relationships. The friends I have made here within my first year is astounding, and I am so happy that I have chosen to attend this school.
Tips for prospective students
Although many people feel like larger schools and more widely known schools will offer you a better education, I have learned for myself that this isn't true. What you put into your education is what you will get out of it no matter where you go. The University of Maine at Presque Isle is a friendly campus, and I think this is a great place to start and even complete a full degree.
Academic Rigor
All in all, I feel very accomplished after my first year of school here. There are, however, some classes where I feel as though some of the work isn't necessary. It's surely a large work load, and having to concentrate on many things at once can be overwhelming. Many of the projects I worked on throughout the semester were very beneficial to me. I find some of the book work to be a little tedious at times.
Dorm Life
Living away from home was a huge concern for me upon attending college. I am an only child and I was really nervous about the transition. Surprisingly, I didn't have to force myself to enjoy dorm life, I sincerely enjoyed being in the dorms. Yes, it did take time for me to meet people and become situated with a comfortable routine, but I really enjoyed living on campus. It provided such great convenience.
Food and Dining
This was probably the only part about the school that I was slightly disappointed with. I remember having gone to visit this school while I was still in middle school and high school, and I thought the cafeteria and the food was absolutely amazing. The appearance of the cafeteria still held up to my expectations; it's a really nice area. The food however, became really repetitive after a while. There weren't many healthy options, and sometimes the hot meal just wasn't to my liking. I'd order off the grill a lot and always feared gaining weight. Some of the meals are absolutely delicious, but I really think variety and healthier options need to be considered.
What to do for fun
I'm a very outgoing person, and this school had many options and opportunities to get out and stay active. Whether it was going to the gym with a friend, being a part of a few of the many clubs on campus, or playing disc golf, there was always something. I was a member of the Dance Team and Newspaper Club my first year. It kept me really busy, but I met most of my friends this way and stayed active at the same time.
Clubs and Activities
There are many clubs on campus; some for fun and some that actually deal with particular majors. Anyone can join any club, and it's a great way to get involved and meet new people. Many clubs offer the opportunity to travel to different states and countries. Some clubs require more responsibility than others, so making sure you know what it's all about is very important.
Campus Safety
The University of Maine at Presque Isle is like a tiny community. You really get to know everyone over the course of a year, which creates that much more of a safe feel. Walking to and from classes in the dark, however, was a little creepy for me, only because I'm very skeptical of what people are capable of. However, there is campus security and they offer safety walks. This means that if you are uncomfortable walking to and from a building alone, they will meet you and walk with you to your destination. It's comforting to know this is available.
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