Western Piedmont Community College
Morganton, NC, USA


Western Piedmont Community College
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Hannah from Morganton, NC

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I am definitely learning a lot. I have taken classes that I have taken in high school and have reviewed and studied deeper than I could have in my high school years. The material is not just crammed into the brain to be tested on, but is actually learned.
Am enjoying being here
I am enjoying my time at Western piedmont for many reasons. The staff is friendly and ready to help in anyway possible. The community college is conveniently close to town, work, and home. There are many clubs that one can be a part of and the classes are diverse and interesting.
Bang for the buck
The books are a bit expensive, like all other colleges, but tuition is extremely low. With its convenient accessibility, excellent teachers, and interesting classes, this community college is a good bang for the buck.
Tips for prospective students
Western Piedmont is a community college but it mean it is lacking compared to the universities;students should be prepared to work hard.
Have a plan and goals for the future. Have fun with it!
Western Piedmont Community college is also connected to big universities such as Western Carolina and Appalachian, so it is a perfect opportunity to be connected and work towards larger goals.
Great for these types of students
I think Western Piedmont Community College is perfect for everyone, no matter what the situation. It gives opportunity for those who need to go back to school to get a better education, those who need to experience college before making a decision on their career, want to take college classes while still in high school (current enrollment-wish i had done this), to gain an associates degree, and to prepare for certain jobs.
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