A program that focuses on the scientific study of drugs that modify the function of the brain and central nervous system, the effects of such drugs on health, disease, perception, motor action, and behavior; and the development of countermeasures and treatment therapies. Includes instruction in neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, behavioral neuroscience, neurobiochemistry, neuropathology, the mechanisms of brain function, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, and studies of specific drugs and drug therapies.

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Fairleigh Dickinson University operates two campuses in New Jersey, a metropolitan campus in Teaneck, and a suburban campus in Florham, which makes FDU the largest private university in the state. FDU offers a Two Worlds degree programs, which allow...


A very culturally and ethnically diverse educational facility. Student-centered learning environment. An excellent place to receive a education to prosper in any location, globally.

” – Ashley from Wayne, NJ