Colleges in Minnesota

Colleges in Minnesota

Minnesota, the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” actually has more than 11,000 bodies of water that are 10 acres or more. It’s also a place of extreme climates, experiencing hot summers and cold winters. With most of population residing in the Twin Cities (the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area), it’s not surprising that a number of colleges in Minnesota can be found clustered in this region. There are close to 200 higher education institutions in the State of Hockey, the majority being public or private not-for-profit. Hamline University is the oldest college in the state, while Carleton College is the most selective. Minnesota’s top industries include forestry, taconite mining, manufacturing, and agribusiness, primarily of sugar beets, sweet corn, green peas, and farm-raised turkeys. There’s also a notable high-technology sector, with many software companies calling this state home. The Mall of America, Gooseberry Falls State Park, and the Museum of Broadcasting are popular attractions.
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“…If you are looking for an exemplary education, a strong sense of belonging, and an amazing experience, go straight to Carleton. You have found the perfect college.” – Anthony from Haslet, TX

“…Beautiful private college campus located in a big city that offers opportunities both on and off campus. Small class size so you get a lot of attention from your profs. World class education!” – Emily from Osceola, WI

“…St. Olaf College is a gem. Musicality and class transcends throughout, as it embraces a strong diverse community, with rich traditions that make St. Olaf a magical Harry-Potter-like place to enjoy studying. Christmas Fest sets St. Olaf apart from any...” – Erin from Elmhurst, IL

“…The U of M has exceptional opportunities for those undergraduates who want to pursue research. The campus has a very diverse population with students coming from all over the world. The classes are difficult, but numerous sources of help are...” – Staci from MN

“…I love Hamline! Even though I have been here a short time it is already a home to me. Everything about it is fantastic so far!” – Brook from Anchorage, AK

“…St. Cloud State University is a truly positive, educational institution. It provides the knowledge one seeks when deciding colleges and offers a life unlike other institutions. Those who experience it understand its superior qualities.” – Sonny from Saint Cloud, MN

“…This school is incredibly welcoming, with tons of student activities. I love how often there is free food in the commons. Also I personally think the building is fun to explore with its maze-like qualities.” – Daniel from Proctor, MN

“…Macalester College is comprised of a student body that is passionate about many different issues and subjects. Its academic rigor is significant, but both the professors and the other students work to help each other succeed. With its location in...” – Jennifer from Coeur D Alene, ID

“…msu-mankato ha been an amazing experience for me. i am doing well with my studies and have met a lot of new friends. i plan to earn my degree from msu!” – Anthony from Champlin, MN

“…Wonderful Geoscience program and department. The professors are personable, wonderful, fun, and great teachers! The campus is small enough and the community is active and fun!” – Emma from Winona, MN

“…Augsburg College is Amazing! Literally the minute I stepped on campus I was greeted by hellos and received help (both from staff and students going about their daily lives) finding every location that I asked for. I was staying overnight and was...” – Ijaaz from Stacy, MN

“…Bemidji State University is an amazing college! The professors are very helpful and understanding. It's the perfect school to find your niche whether that be academics, athletics, social life, or extracurriculars !” – Gabriella from Otsego, MN

“…I haven't started yet, but they have been more than helpful with their resources and any questions I have had so far. During orientation they explained how many resources are available to All of the students who attend this school and to use any and...” – Tara from Woodbury, MN

Century College
White Bear Lake, MN

“…This is a very diverse college and it is a little more challenging than your run of the mill community college. If you are preparing to transfer to a university, this college is great because of the more challenging aspect and it gets in a great area...” – Dylan from Glenville, MN

“…Gustavus is a place that prides itself on it's sense of community. However a lot of people believe that college who advertise that say that it sounds like a lot of hot air designed just to attract students. Now that I actually go here, I can say for...” – David from Apple Valley, MN

“…MSUM provides a great learning experience for all students who attend. A wonderful campus, small enough to get to each class on time. Great, friendly atmosphere. I can't stress that enough! ” – Carly from Wahpeton, ND

“…st. catherine university has nurtured my personal, social, and professional development, inspired and challenged me intellectually, and given me the freedom, strength, and skills to claim my education and my future. ” – Katie at Heart

“…Very easily to get around and understand processes for applying, registering for classes, etc. One of the advisors, however, is very rude and not the greatest help. ” – RayJ from MN

“…Morris is a unique, close-knit community and campus. You feel right at home here the moment you move in. The smaller campus allows you to get to know people and professors while also offering one of the best Liberal Arts Educations in the country. ” – Rebecca from Milbank, SD

“…Saint Mary's University of Minnesota is a small, liberal arts college. I was drawn to this university by the close-knit community atmosphere. I really appreciated getting to know my professors on a first-name basis and getting a lot of attention...” – Lauren from Mount Horeb, WI

“…A great place for community. A place to accumulate growth. Goal oriented.” – Hillary from Oswego, IL

“…Been a great experience thus far and I am excited to continue my college education here. Have referred SMSU to other people I know because it is so great. ” – Kayla from Marshall, MN

“…Great college to start at for generals. Lowest tution in MN. Great student life activities.” – Heidi from Lino Lakes, MN

“…North Hennepin is a very rewarding experience. The instructors are very supportive and you gain many great and lasting relationships not only with the students but as well with the professors. It's also a very friendly environment.” – Kaliya from Crystal, MN

Crown College
Saint Bonifacius, MN

“…Crown College stands firm in meaningful relationships between students and professors. The small body of students is extremely close-knit, and we all care about each other. Overall, it is a great school for building meaningful relationships with...” – Jessica from Ramsey, MN

“…Normandale is a great starter school for anyone interested in just starting with their generals. They have many great programs and areas of interest for you to explore and they are very diverse. Transfer to other Minnesota colleges and universities...” – Kelly from Minnetonka, MN

“…The University of Crookston is a school that is easy to transfer to. The admissions staff are incredibly friendly.” – Robert from Duluth, MN

“…Great professors that are engaging and trying to make students look at world issues and engagement. The class sizes are very small on average and you can be a student with a name opposed to just a number compared to larger campuses. Overall, the...” – Jesse from Moorhead, MN

“…Lake Superior College is a fantastic place to learn! The campus itself is very welcoming and modern, all the teachers are eager to teach and help you learn the way that suits you, and they have a great deal of clubs and activities to participate in!...” – Corina from Duluth, MN

“…Summing up Northwestern College in three sentences is a difficult task, because the college is so outstanding. Besides the gorgeous campus and exceptional programs, Northwestern offers the most personable and helpful staff and students. Every person...” – Grace from Hastings, MN

“…Bethany is a small, Christian college that has actually stayed Christian and isn't just saying that. Theres chapel every day, Bible studies, and the classes are integrated around Christianity. Plus the people are really great-both teachers and...” – M from MN

“…I really enjoy my Concordia education. The campus is extremely diverse and fun to be on. Overall I love my school and wouldn't go anywhere else. ” – Shantel from Minneapolis, MN

“…Bethel University is a great place to go if you are looking for a faith based education. Each course has an integrated faith approach. They offer many opportunities to succeed as well as form a strong relationship with others as well as your lord and...” – Taylor from Cambridge, MN

“…This institution values an in-depth opportunity to provide students of all income classes with a well-rounded education. The student population is one of the most diverse that I have seen, which only enriches my education. The instructors and...” – Nandita from Minneapolis, MN

“…The kindness of the staff has simply blown my mind. Online information runs quick and you get quick answers back. Every one has been very helpful. ” – Theresa from Willmar, MN

“…The college of Saint Scholastica has provided me a small community setting hosting roughly 4,000 students in total, allowing for incoming freshman to have an easier time with meeting other students. With a 14 to 1 ratio between students and...” – Ruslan from Finland, MN

“…UMR is innovated with a medical based foundation for the classrooms. The courses all integrate health science into them for a more focused learning environment. Lots of opportunity and help is available. ” – KaoLee Xiong

“…Great options in the Graphic Design program allowing students to customize their Graphic Design experience. The campus is easy to access. The facility and staff are committed to helping all students succeed.” – Deborah from Blaine, MN

“…I rate this school a 10 out of 10 for having the fleixble hours, great rates and access to many academic resources. I appreciate that I am able to obtain my dream job qualifications while being a mother and working a full time job. This school has...” – Marlea from Farmington, MN

“…It's a great college, with great professors, and a great heart for ministry! The community is very welcoming and it was a delight to attend there last semester.” – A PSEO student from Oak Hills

“…The school was awesome. Always helpful! They understood me so well and me me feel like I was at home!”

“…Riverland Community College has been the perfect fit for me and my busy lifestyle. The class times are perfect for my life and the professors are understanding and empathetic toward those who deserve periodic slack. The staff takes the time to get to...” – Heather from Owatonna, MN

“…RCTC is the best place to study in south-east Minnesota! Diversity is a core competency, and instructors are well vexed. I love this place!” – Melanie from Rochester, MN

“…MCAD is home to a wonderful, tight-knit community of passionate artistic-minded individuals. Every day at MCAD, I feel accepted-- a part of a larger group-- and pushed to my fullest potential as an artist. MCAD will help you become the greatest...” – Maddi from Mission, TX

“…This is a great school. It's small enough for one on one instruction if needed. The School provides a great environment.” – Jodelle from Grand Forks, ND

“…Small campus and small town, but with a big heart. Easy to bike or walk to town and the bowling alley is 5 mins away walking. Lots of trees and nature stuff.” – Francesca from Bovey, MN

“…the college of saint benedict and saint john's university is a wonderful school. it has one of the most beautiful campuses, and being surrounded by about 6 lakes there's and hundreds of acres there's always plenty to do and to see. the student to...” – steven from rogers, mn

“…mlc has a small campus and low student-teacher ratio. it is a family atmosphere in which everyone encourages and supports everyone else. because we all have the same goal - ministry - it makes school much easier to adapt to.” – Shane from Westland, MI

“…MState is a nationally ranked two year college. It's friendly staff and faculty are there to help every step of the way. Small class sizes and teachers who are dedicated to teaching as their first goal equals great academic success!” – Angelina

“…Richard Bland College is a great school. The faculty and professors are very nice and respectful. They have challenging courses but the professors will gladly help with no problems.” – Brittanie from Petersburg, VA

“…The teachers are engaging and students come ready to learn. Most courses are very hands- on. Class sizes are relatively small. ” – B from Mendota Heights, MN

“…Admissions and registration was a breeze. Instructors care about your learning and experience. Would recommend. ” – Kim from Sauk Rapids, MN

“…Vermilion is a college with opportunities for people who ahve a love of the outdoors. If you're interested in a career that has to do with working outdoors, this is the college for you. Students not only get to work hands-on with the surrounding...” – Samantha from Ely, MN

“…They have good online course choices. I have enjoyed going to MWCTC. This has been a good experience.” – Jennifer from Rochester, MN

“…Great school. Lots of innovative programs and scholarships! Small class sizes with knowledgeable faculty and staff. Campus is a good size, not too big or too small-- and is well kept, modern and clean. ” – Ashley from Moorhead, MN

“…Choosing a major, and attending classes at F.D.T.C.C. is one of the best choices that I have ever made. The campus is very inviting and comfortable, while all of the staff on the campus are welcoming, helpful, and always ready and willing to set all...” – Maria from Cloquet, MN

“…It's a small school, So your teachers know who you are. It has a great feel to it. ” – robin from Prescott, WI

“…Smaller class sizes are great. Teachers are very helpfull. Transfer credits are taken at most all colleges.” – Michael from Brainerd, MN

“…Its a great community, and a very nice place to live. The people there are all friendly and try to help. And its a great place to get your technical degree or just start out at college.” – Heidi from St. Cloud, MN

“…Adler Graduate School is fast paced and open environment offering degrees in psychology, student counseling, and therapy. The staff is helpful and insightful, and it is impossible to go through the school without growing. ” – Naomi from Cottage Grove, MN

“…The community among the students is very strong and welcoming. The professors are very invested into the lives of the students on campus, and share both their personal stories and knowledge of what God has taught them over the years to their class....” – McKenna from Round Rock, TX

“…i like it here! i love the people and the smaller homey feel that the college has. i feel comfortable here and i do well here.” – Chrystyana from Roseville, MN

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