Allen County Community College
Iola, KS, USA


Allen County Community College
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Nicholas from Thayer, KS

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I have taken a variety of classes while here at Allen County Community College. I have taken classes in biology, chemistry, business, history, computer technology, and physical education. While here, I have learned substantial amounts of information in a multitude of different areas. The instructors are great and make it fun to go to class.
Am enjoying being here
Allen County Community College has a very enjoyable environment. The instructors and other students are very friendly and helpful. The campus is fairly small and easy to get around. There are also numerous activities outside of class to get involved and meet new people. I would definitely say that I enjoy attending Allen County Community College.
Bang for the buck
Being an out of county resident, tuition is more expensive. Even with tuition being more expensive, I believe that it is quite affordable. The quality of education received here at Allen County Community College is second to none and is well worth the price of being an out of county resident.
Tips for prospective students
My only tips for prospective students have probably already been drilled into their head, go to class and study. It is hard to know what to study for without going to class, and it is hard to get an A on a test without studying for it. Plus, it is hard to make new friends without going to class.
Great for these types of students
Allen County Community College is great for any type of student. They have a variety of classes with excellent instructors to push the students to excel in their class and in life.
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