American University of Puerto Rico
Manati, PR, USA


American University of Puerto Rico
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Javier from Morovis, PR

a current student here
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In three sentences
American University of Puerto Rico, Manati Campus has been a great decision I had take because of its location and college programs. I decided to attend this college for its transportation services, college life and ease of study hours. This college has the best professionals, great spot so you can have some fun when free from classes.
Tips for prospective students
Suggestions I give for new students:
1. Always be responsible.
2. If you have any doubts ask the professor, he will answer you.
3. If you have any problems, please trust and speak with the professor.
4. Be focused on your professional future.
5. Be always confident.
Academic Rigor
If you want some help for your college, you should first qualify for any available financial aid, these depending on salaries and other. You should keep a good academic GPA progress so you could be elegible for federal loans and more.
Dorm Life
This college does not provide dorms at the time.
Food and Dining
Hungry? They got it all with the relocated cafeteria you can have a strong and great breakfast or lunch. They also offer snacks and drinks.
What to do for fun
Free time? They offer wifi access in all the collge plus gives you an unique username and password so you can access your personal account.
Bang for the buck
They offer flexible study and work hours, all depending on your class program. Federal work and study is also great for those who are elegible.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Its gazebo and library are great spots.
Great for these types of students
Active and outgoing students.
Clubs and Activities
Depending on what you are interested depending on what you applied.
Greek Life
Study and work is just one of the best parts of the college.
Campus Safety
Campus security is great and around the college you could be watched if you are trying to do something bad.
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