Beulah Heights University
Atlanta, GA, USA


Beulah Heights University
3.86 Average Rating

ML from Ellenwood, GA

a past student here
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Did learn a lot
I had a very fulfilling and rewarding experience at Beulah. It was very rewarding, mind, body and soul.
Did enjoy being here
I definitely enjoyed my experience with Beulah. Everything about the school was enjoyable. I enjoyed the anointing coming from the teachers, the knowledge, wisdom and dedication. Chapel service was very soul filling and very powerful.
Bang for the buck
Tuition is definitely rated at the top. However, I do not regret it, I count it worthy of every dime.
Tips for prospective students
Look forward to being challenged, pushed beyond your limits, opened to new experiences and most of all opened to receive Salvation.
Great for these types of students
Beulah is great for students who are motivated, ready to grow, develop, and mature. It is definitely good for anyone expecting to be a leader.
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