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Admissions: visit page
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Admissions Telephone: 262-551-6000
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What Students Are Saying

3.86 Average Rating
If you are a prospective student looking at going to Carthage College, you have definitely made the right and probably best choice! Carthage is located just north of Chicago, IL and situated in the beautiful city of Kenosha, WI. If you are looking for a small-type college setting. Carthage College is THE place for you! You have nowhere to go wrong here because you have so many people who are on-hand to help you with all of your troubles. The location of Carthage College is also a plus because it is literally just steps away from Lake Michigan, where you can look out at the waters, boats, wind surfers, etc. If you're looking for fun on the weekend, there is the Metra Train to Chicago and Carthage is only 32 miles from Milwaukee and there are outlet malls galore and many other shopping opportunities.

I strongly encourage and cannot emphasis enough how important it is to at least try to apply to Carthage College. You do not really know until you try/apply. I am glad that I applied and got in and I could not say that I'd be as happy at any other place/school. Carthage is truely a special, unique and great place to be!
Mac from Olympia Fields, IL
Be ready to work hard, because the classes are not for students who are going to slack off. Remember to have a good time, and take advantage of the activities that are set up for students. Make sure to balance fun time and studying time. Use the library and the writing center, they are very useful when writing a paper for any class.
Tyler from Kenosha, WI
Unlike state colleges, at Carthage the professors know when you are not in class. In some classes, you attendance and class participation is a vital key in your final grade. Professors are more willing to help those struggling who go to class than those who do not put in the effort to show up. However, going to class alone does not insure a passing grade. You must put in effort to study for exams, complete homework/labs, and write papers—on time. Time management is essential to finding success at any college or university. The ability to manage homework, clubs, organizations, athletics, jobs, and a social life can be a challenge to many.
Jensena from Portage, WI
You do not need to know what you are going to major in before you go to this school. Many people end up switching majors and you have a lot of general education classes to take. Take your time in making up your mind.
Kimberly from Chicago, IL
Be flexible and able to time manage. Between classes, working on campus, and enjoying the party scene life can get real hectic here. You will be encouraged to have a great time, but academics is top priority in every aspect on campus. Coaches, frat/sorority leaders, and employers all keep a close eye on your grades. Also time management is the key to success. Sleeping late, forgetting to jot down due dates, and lacking off will result in swift penalties and makes it harder for you to catch up. At the same time come to this school prepared to meet new people and a positive attitude. It is easy to make friends and so many things to do on campus. You will never have a bored moment.
Alicia from Zion, IL
-This is Wisconsin; having warm clothes is expected.
-Small class sizes means that the professors know who you are. Go to class. Plus, you will more than likely see them out and about on campus, which can lead to a guilty conscience or just an awkward encounter.
-If you don't have a car, make friends with someone who does have one. The bus system in Kenosha doesn't go absolutely anywhere you could possibly want whenever you want, so knowing someone well enough that you can ask for a ride is really helpful.
Annie from MN
Schedule an overnight visit with the school if you are unsure about Carthage, visit the campus during all seasons (especially the winter, as it gets nasty sometimes being right on the lake), and talk to some professors in your desired learning area.
Brianna from Geneva, IL
There are a lots of programs to help undecided students find a major. Go for the traditional dorms freshmen year
Jasmine from Chicago, IL
Get involved in activities. Get to know your professors. Don't put off your studies until the last minute.
Carthage College is a great school if you want to come to class. With larger schools, you can not show up for class and the professor will probably not notice, however, at Carthage, the professors know who you are and will know if you are missing. Carthage is also great if you want personal attention and may need or want extra help and advice after class hours.
Joshua from Kenosha, WI

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