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Cascadia College
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a current student here
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In three sentences
1. friendly students.
2. clean campus.
3. green campus.
Tips for prospective students
1. research who your professors are.
2. subway has $5.00 sub sandwiches.
3. ccc/uw-b library has quiet study spaces, and you can even eat in the library!
Academic Rigor
there are some teachers who do not believe in ever giving a 4.0 to a student, so make sure you do your research. i was told that for every one hour of class time you will need to study at least two hours on your own.
Dorm Life
none as of right now, as this is a commuter campus and and a 2-year community college.
Food and Dining
1. subway has sandwiches and salads.
2. uw-b bookstore has food for thought cafe where the prices are very expensive, but the food is healthier.
3. ccc has stop watch espresso, whre there is a multitude of food choices and the prices are more reasonable.
4. uw-b has the commons, where sometimes they have $3.00 meal deals, otherwise the prices are more expensive.
5. there are vending machines throught ccc where you can purchase snacks of all kinds, and even use your debit card or cash.
What to do for fun
1. join clubs and attend club events.
2. there are often free movie nights in mobius hall.
3. i went to a poetry reading in mobius, so there are other events held there besides movies.
4. a few dances per year are held on campus.
5. rock climbing through the outdoor adventure club, off campus.
Bang for the buck
the class sizes are smaller than a 4-year university for freshmen and sophomores. smaller campus so one does not get lost, or feel overwhelmed with too many buildings to navigate.

off campus:
there is (within walking distance) the lyon's den cafe, where a ccc student can obtain a 10% discount on drinks.
alexa's cafe in down town bothell where a ccc student can get 10% off a meal.
plus there are other discounts available if one uses their ccc student i.d. card.

if you purchase anything school related at the uw-b bookstore then you will get 10% back from what you spend as a credit at the end of the school year. you do have to register each new school year to obtain this credit.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
there is a wetland near the campus, with wonderful walking trails. there is a very large grassy knoll between the buildings that one can lay out on in-between class time and catch some sun.
Great for these types of students
students who like a smaller campus and smaller class sizes.
students who have any type of disabilities, campus has wheelchair accessable bathrooms and classrooms, plus elevators.
great for non-traditional college students.
Clubs and Activities
1. cascadia secular student alliance.
2. creative arts club.
3. disability student alliance.
4. drama club.
5. film making club.
6. gay straight alliance.
7. grassroots.
8. international club
9. national society of leadership and success.
10. next generation it club.
11. outdoor adventure
12. phi theta kappa.
13. swing dance club.
14. the urban gathering - christian club.
15. veterans club.
Greek Life
Campus Safety
great! there are special lighted telephones all over campus, so that if you have an emergency you can utilize one of these. we have campus security officers that roam all over the campus. the campus is very well-lit at night, including the parking garages at ccc and uw-b.
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Albina from Bothell, WA

a current student here
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Academic Rigor
Surprisingly (for a community college), the classes here are tough, but you learn a lot from them. The class sizes are small so asking questions and meeting with a professor/teacher is really simple and effective for learning.
Dorm Life
There are no dorms for Cascadia students, because it is a community college. However, finding a place to stay is pretty simple; so many people are willing to take in a roommate. There are always ads on campus for people looking for new roommates!
Food and Dining
They have a Subway on campus, so grabbing lunch/dinner is easy and fairly cheap. There is also a small cafe corner and UW Bothell's Food for Thought cafe, which are really popular and great on a student's budget.
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