Central Methodist University-College of Graduate and Extended Studies
Fayette, MO, USA


Central Methodist University-College of Graduate and Extended Studies
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Shelby from Independence, MO

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Most instructors really help you learn and are interested in your achievements. Most professors are also readily available outside of class for assistance, and study sessions/tutors are available for most classes.
Am enjoying being here
I love CMU! It is a small college and easy to make friends and to get around campus. There are people available to help you with your studies. There are many campus activities besides sports to get students involved with campus life. I am not a band major but participate in marching, concert, and jazz band. Their music program is awesome!
Bang for the buck
Central Methodist is expensive because it is a private school. However, there are ways to cut down tuition costs. For example, they offer a 1/2 tuition program if you are an active member of a Methodist church or successfully completed Missouri's A+ high school program. They also offer individual band, sport, and academic scholarships through the school.
Tips for prospective students
Go there! It is a wonderful learning atmosphere and you won't get lost in the crowd or become a number. Get involved with activities. Balance your study with your social activities. There is plenty of opportunity for both, and professors are dedicated to your success. Before attending any college, talk to them in person, sample their food, and take a tour. CMU will pass the test!
Great for these types of students
Those students who want to know their professors and develop lasting relationships with their peers will do well at Central Methodist. Students who don't like large classes or huge rambling campuses will fit in at CMU. Everything is within walking distance, so even a bike isn't necessary.
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