Delaware Technical Community College-Stanton-Wilmington
Wilmington, DE, USA


Delaware Technical Community College-Stanton-Wilmington
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Jessica from Newark, DE

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I am a Biotechnology major so all my classes have a lot of information to give and I have plenty to receive. Not only that, the math, English, and even the computer classes have taught me things I never knew of.
Am enjoying being here
The campus is very peaceful, because it's a community college, everyone that comes here is really focused on getting their work done. The teachers are really friendly and down to earth ant they will work with you in any case. I have one of the toughest majors and the teachers and students really make it less stressful for me. The study areas are comfortable and private, which is great for when you want to study for an upcoming exam. However, there are also group study rooms that allow up to 6 people to study together.
Bang for the buck
I received the SEED scholarship which is for well behaved Delaware high school graduates with a GPA of 2.5 or above. It pays for all my tuition for up to 6 semesters, excluding summer semesters, and I can say it's a true blessing to not have to pay tuition. It also pays summer semesters if your credits are eligible, too. However, for out of state students or students that graduated from high school awhile ago, there is plenty of financial aid available. Trust me, there are hundreds of scholarships that the college itself offers to its students. All you have to do is submit one application for all of them and the Financial Aid Committee decides who will get them. I have not paid for anything in the three semesters I have attended!!
Tips for prospective students
Just keep in mind that just because it's a community college, that doesn't mean the classes are much easier. DTCC actually has a tougher grading scale than many Universities out there so my suggestion is to always be alert and on top of your classes. It will definitely help you in the future.
Great for these types of students
If you're looking to go to a college that can help you get your degree the smartest and cheapest way, then this college is for you. I did not plan on attending a community college just because of the name and my pride. But, I made the last minute decision to attend and get my prerequisites out of the way for way less money and then transfer to a university to further my education. So far I can say this has been one of the smartest decisions I habe made in my entire life and I don't regret it. I suspect you won't either if you're in this for a similar reason.
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