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Eastern Maine Community College
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Holliann from Waite, ME

a past student here
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In three sentences
Imagine a college where the faculty knows you on a personal level, the price is extremely affordable, and the education is so valuable you can't put a price on it! I attended EMCC for two years, and it was an overall positive experience. For anyone who wants to save money before attending a four-year institution, a school like Eastern Maine Community College is a great place to start.
Tips for prospective students
Save up money! I never did, and I wish very badly that I had. If you're a high school student and you have an after-school job, save as much as you can. If you like to dig in the dryer for change, start a 'College Fund' piggy bank! Apply for scholarships early and often. Join clubs in college, talk to everyone, ask lots of questions and stay positive!
Academic Rigor
The teachers and instructors at EMCC are so incredibly friendly. Emailing them and staying in contact is very easy. They know who you are by your name and your face, and they usually know you on a personal level. They'll hook you up with scholarships and they'll help you along the way.
Dorm Life
The dorms at EMCC are very nice. Usually, two dorms share one bathroom, which is much more convenient then sharing one bathroom with a whole floor. They're sizable and, since not many students live on campus at EMCC, it's not crowded!
Food and Dining
The food is great! The dining hall isn't very large, but it's never too crowded and you never have to wait very long in line. It's affordable for off-campus students, and there's always a wide variety of food to choose from (including vegan selections).
What to do for fun
EMCC is in the middle of the city of Bangor, so there is a lot to do! During the summer, the famous Bangor Waterfront Pavilion puts on concerts under the summer night sky. Names as famous as The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Reba Mcentire, Lady Antebellum and Journey! Bangor has a very wide variety of culture, shopping and food experiences. There are many art and folk festivals, and a busy downtown with museums, walking paths and interesting things to see.
Bang for the buck
EMCC is the most affordable community college in New England. And, in my two years there, I can say that I definitely got a great deal for the money I paid. I am two years into a four year degree and I can honestly say that I have zero money in debt. I am the only one of my friends who are in college who can say that! And it's all thanks to EMCC.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
There is Tech Day on campus at EMCC, which is a day where the students are freed from classes to join in community service projects all over campus.
Great for these types of students
It's perfect for non-traditional students who have busy lives. The scheduling at EMCC is incredibly flexible, and the teachers are willing to work with you to make things accommodate your busy life. EMCC is also a great school for students interested in the trades, and students who thrive from hands-on learning.
Clubs and Activities
EMCC is always welcoming to starting new clubs and activities on campus. They constantly encourage students to come up with new ideas. There are a handful of very colorful and interesting clubs to join at EMCC, and if they don't have a specific club that you would be interested in joining, you can always start a new one!
Greek Life
There is only one fraternity on campus. It's a co-ed honors society for students who have thrived in community service and academic excellence.
Campus Safety
EMCC is definitely a very safe school! There is security on patrol almost all hours of the day and night. EMCC is nestled in a safe area in town, right down the road from the hospital. It's got great free parking.
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Wendy from Bangor, ME

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Small class sizes and teachers who care really influence the learning environment positively.
Am enjoying being here
I love going to school at Eastern Maine CC. For a small school there are quite a few class offerings, understanding staff, and several clubs and sports to join.
Bang for the buck
Extremely affordable. It is only $84 a credit hour.
Tips for prospective students
Apply for your FASFA early, talk to your academic adviser often, get involved, do not get the weekend meal plan.
Great for these types of students
Looking to transfer, didn't do well in high school, unsure of where you want your college experience to go, want a small learning enviornment.
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