Florida Gateway College
Lake City, FL, USA


Florida Gateway College
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Barbara from Lake City, FL

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Great professors but the student population is less than perfect- many don't care and make it painfully obvious (verbally) that they are going to school mainly for the pell 'refund' they will get. Makes classes annoying when so many are distracting by talking, missing classes, etc.
Am enjoying being here
same issue as above, majority of student's shouldn't be in classes- should take more remedial ones- so many professors are having to 'lower the bar' when it comes to teaching - making classes boring and annoying for those of us there to learn.
Bang for the buck
very affordable so no complaints there.
Tips for prospective students
Be prepared for classes before your first day- so many students show up without the basics that are so easy to find out about before classes begin (books, paperwork, pencils, etc)
Great for these types of students
If you are extremely smart and an overachiever - you may find many classes boring and annoying because of the other students and how the instructors are forced to change lessons based on the majority of learners- more often that is very very basic and slow.
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