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red and white
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  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
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  • Swimming and Diving
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Beach Volleyball
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What Students Are Saying

3.59 Average Rating
The caf (cafeteria, if you couldn't guess. AKA: Wynee's Bistro) is nothing to write home about. The breakfast is pretty good and the cold sandwich/ wrap/ pressed sandwich area makes life pretty good. Every so often you get a really good day and stir fry night is usually looked forward too along with catered nights (we've had Chipotle and Sonny's BBQ along with some others that I can't remember). There's always a fairly large salad bar with rotating and seasonal toppings and on Sundays it often is shared with the make your own Sunday bar.

The undercaf (AKA Terrace Cafe) is general fast food fare. The quesadillas are a favourite as are the chicken sandwiches and grilled cheese. I try to not eat there often (mostly because I never gained a freshman 15 and I never plan to) but it's good to grab things late at night or when you really need something quick.

The Mocmart is like a little convenience store. It's a bit overpriced, but if you live on campus you'll have a full meal plan your first year and generally enough points to spare. All sorts of things can be found here and usually if they don't have it you can request it and they'll get it.

The Grill Master... oh, the Grill Master. Easily the yummiest spot on campus, but it is often packed. And I mean line twisting down a ways packed. It's well worth it for some good food that is cooked right when you order it. (Hot breakfast sandwiches before early classes on cold days are the best.)

TuTu's Cyber Cafe has some of the best staff on campus. Period. No argument. They make going there completely worth it and make Starbucks beverages better than Starbucks (I seriously can only drink coffee from TuTu's now). The sandwiches are just cold cuts and are pretty good for pre-prepared cold cut sandwiches. Every so often a really good special shows up and is worth eating at least a couple times that week. By far the best part are the DELICIOUS big cookies. They're soft and gooey and amazing when put in the microwav...
Cori from Mulberry, FL
For the selective eaters, when they say 'steak dinner,' they don't mean filet mignon, they mean a NY strip steak. Besides that minor let down, they tend to fry most of their protein options and when trying to eat healthy, fried isn't the way to go. In total, there are almost always four completely different food stations open; a sandwich bar, Italian pasta and pizza station, a home-cook style food, and a specialty station not including the salad, cereal, fruit, frozen yogurt and desert stations throughout. However, that is for Wynee's Bistro. Campus dining as a whole has thousands of options on a daily basis. They have a mini food mart where you can always find soup and frozen meals to prepare. There is the under cafe, which has a grill so you can choose a healthier protein option from there in addition to smoothies, salads, fruit, frozen yogurt, custom-made sandwiches, fried specialties and soup. There is also the grill-master which is open for lunch until 4pm. It has fresh custom burgers, hot dogs, chicken, tofu and grilled vegetables and is set up in the middle of the educational buildings to you can have a hearty and healthy meal in-between classes to stay focused. Last but never least is Tutu's Cafe. It is a cyber cafe where they proudly brew Starbucks and Tazo brand coffees and teas, as well as, specialty drinks and serves bagels, muffins, fruit, salads, chips, cereal, sandwiches, soup, the best cookies on campus and a different hot meal every day. Service here is ALWAYS great, and there are computers for use as well as free wifi. It is right within the library, and open until 3am so you have a late night option if you're studying. Tip: Try not to stay too late, because the mind is most alert after rest, even if it means getting up a few hours earlier to finish the next morning instead of staying up late.
Taylor from Cape Coral, FL
There are so many options for food. We have a huge cafeteria, that has every kind of food imaginable, Saturday night is steak night! We have nice places to eat outside, Grill master. A great cafe for homework or just to hang out with friends, Tutu's. And the Under Caf!! Best food ever, open late, and nice people. We also have the Moc Mart where you can get groceries and stuff.
Christine from Ocoee, FL
Tutu's is the best. Best food, best employees, best atmosphere. The cafe has a lot of variety but I guess the quality depends on what you are used to. My mother didn't cook a lot so I thought the food was great!
Erica from Schnecksville, PA
Great hang out spots and food

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