Green River College
Auburn, WA, USA


Green River College
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Alexandra from Puyallup, WA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
This school has a great environment and community. Beyond the great environment, the school has awesome educators. The professors are very helpful and show that they want you to succeed.
Am enjoying being here
I really like the people at this school. There are many clubs that can help you make new friends and new memories. All of the clubs that I have participated in are amazing and fun. There really is a club for every type of person.
Bang for the buck
The education offered here is well worth the dollar. Although education often burns a hole in our pockets, Green River's education does not. It is very affordable and offers a great education.
Tips for prospective students
There are many professors who offer review days before the tests. Although some teachers offer them on the weekends, it is worth waking up for. When a professor offers a day of their own time to help you, take them up for it.
Great for these types of students
It is honestly great for all types of people. It has many friendly clubs as well as sports teams. There are places for those interested in music, art, teaching and many more.
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