Oakland Community College
Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA


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  • Coed

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2 Year
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Important Deadlines

Application Type Application Deadline Reply Deadline
Fall Regular Decision August 15, 2019
Spring Regular Decision December 15, 2019
Test Optional
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$75k - $110k

Admissions Resources

Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 248-341-2280
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

2.84 Average Rating
This is a great place to start off your college years. Go here first, get all your academic classes (like math, science, english etc.) done with, then transfer to a university or other college. You will save so much money.
Cynthia from Troy, MI
Try out different classes to see what you may enjoy as a major. Also make sure to take advantage of all the academic support for students at school. Many of them are free.
Hannah from Lathrup Village, MI
I strongly believe you should start a year in advance if you are going to use financial services.
Brittany from Detroit, MI
Community Colleges are a great way to start your college career. One on One help from teachers and tutors will allow you to feel comfortable about moving on in life and other education. Keep your head up Kido. Oakland Community College will help assist you into the real world so start and end your year will an open mind. You made it this far...just how far will you push to make it?
Morgan from Detroit, MI
1. Don't take any more classes than your are comfortable with. You should not feel like you are being pressured into finishing school in some amount of time.

2. Classes are affordable both with and without financial aid, but try to get financial aid where you can. No one likes paying for classes and books themselves. So try to get financial aid to make the load easier on yourself.

3. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! I've had friends, and myself included, that were weird about asking for help from teachers and other staff members for help. At OCC they want nothing more than to make sure you do well in their class, and in your future.
Ian from Bloomfield Hills, MI
A few tips for prospective students would be to complete the work assigned on time, plan to get on campus ten minutes early because you will be walking far, enjoy learning, make friends and create study groups because they are a huge help, and remember to be respectful to the teacher and other classmates. These tips are easy to follow and it makes class and the work that goes with it a lot much more enjoyable for everyone.
Jaymie from Novi, MI
Going to any Community College is a great way to save money. Where ever you go you will need to take general classes why not save your money and take them some where with smaller classes and that's also cheaper. your not going to be in a huge lecture hall and the professors really work with their students to make sure that they will be successful. Why try to make your scholarship dollars stretch to try to pay for a university when you can make every penny count towards tuition, books and more at a Community College. Great way to take different classes to figure out what you want. Make sure you look at ratemyprofessor.com too for more information on each prof when you sign up for classes.
Alida from Auburn Hills, MI
If you didnt do well in high school, I suggest going here and taking pre-reqs, then transfer, since most colleges accept OCC credit. Also, dont wait, register early or you wont have any classes to take!
Skyla from West Bloomfield, MI
Make sure to take advantage of the counseling office. They are very helpful and will go the extra mile to try and help you reach your goals.
Megan from Oxford, MI

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