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What Students Are Saying

4.47 Average Rating
1) Be prepared to work hard. 2) It's essential to communicate with your professors. 3) Resist the temptation to compare yourself to others. What you'll find here is that there is not a lot of inter-student competition, but that students tend to impose very high expectations on themselves. Learn to value what you have to contribute to the school and to society at large--that will keep you grounded and sane!
As cliché as it may sound, my best advice for prospective students is to be yourself on your application. Don’t try to make yourself sound like someone who would fit in at Pomona—the college will accept those who genuinely are a good fit for the school. The admissions officers want to make the best class possible, and they don’t do that by just looking at the numbers. While the grades and scores do matter, showing who you really are is just as important.
For those who have already been accepted, my advice is to come and visit the school. Get a feel for the students, the professors, and the overall atmosphere. I firmly believe that every college campus has its own culture that can make someone feel very happy and comfortable and others not that enthusiastic for the next four years. And ultimately, don’t let anyone or anything else influence your final decision.
above all else, show yourself for who you really are, as a free-thinking individual who is passionate about something in the world. pomona college prides itself for having a student body that is brave at heart and independent at mind in regards to higher education. don't only show yourself as versatile, show how your versatility can benefit those around you.
Daniel from Honolulu, HI
PLEASE do your research and make sure a small liberal arts school is for you because they're not for everyone! Do an overnight stay and make sure its the place for you, especially students of color like myself, seeing that most lib arts colleges are not very diverse off paper though Pomona is one of the more diverse out there. Pomona offers a fly in program that fly's minority and low income prospective high school seniors to visit the school for about 5 days all expense paid. Call admissions office for more information. That being said this is still a school where students of color can find friends and comfort in peers different and alike and still succeed and be happy. Just know that EVERY school, whether big or small, will have good and bad apples, even if the bad apples are not overtly 'bad apples'.
Everyone here is pretty freakin smart so dont expect to come here and feel like it'll be so easy. BEST THING ABOUT POMONA SO FAR: Even though it seems like everyone here was pretty much top of their freaking class in high school, Pomona is soooooo collaborative. Students help each other so much and its not competitive at all (at least thats what I've seen so far).
Liv from out of state
Besides good grades and test scores and stuff, make sure you connect with the admissions office on another level. They want to know that you are passionate about something or have interests.
Trix from WA
If possible, visit. If not, do your research. Show why Pomona specifically appeals to you. Also, show your passions! Pomona students are unique and driven, so tell Admissions what makes you tick.
Further investigate or visit this school if it is on your list! You will be surprised by the amazing resources this school offers its students. The Claremont Consortium makes this small liberal arts school feel bigger.
Happy Freshman
Visit. My decision was made for me on my visit, because of the impression the people made on me. More than any statistic or ranking, the people are what make the place. If you're looking for a school where the professors are all interested in the success of their students and the students are all looking to be the best they can and support their friends, you will find that atmosphere when you visit. If you can't afford it, apply to their MSAP (Minority Student Action Program) for a paid trip.
Yasmin from Bellevue, WA
Pomona College looks for people they see to be leaders and openly active in their communities. Your grades and test scores do matter a great deal, but admissions really does try to get a holistic view of your person.
Black Male