Redlands Community College
El Reno, OK, USA


Redlands Community College
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Jenifer from Amber, OK

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The classes at Redlands are great and the professors are always willing to help, whether you are behind or just have some questions about finals. Another plus is that the credits transfer to almost every college in the state.
Am enjoying being here
Cougar Crossing, the on-campus apartments, are amazingly spacious for dorms. Everyone living here gets there own bedroom. Security is constantly available so there is no need to worry about any kind of criminal activity. Both the school and the apartments have great activities to bring students together and they are always FREE, which is great for college kids. Even the bookstore staff, is willing to help as best as they can with anything you may need.
Bang for the buck
One credit hour at Redlands costs $96, while OU can run upwards of $300. Considering two years of Redlands credits will transfer to OU its a great way to get your gen. eds. for less!
Tips for prospective students
If you have a chance, take the ACT. If not, take placement tests early so the material, like math, is still on your mind. Clep tests are also good ways of saving money. I clepped out of college algebra for $72, instead of paying $288 to take the class plus the cost of the book.
Great for these types of students
undecided majors- get universal core credits while trying to decide,
ag majors- great ag programs and a completely functional ag campus with a horse ranch, vinyard, and goat farm,
students who can't afford four years at a larger university,
students who want smaller classes and one-on-one attention
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