Ridgewater College
Willmar, MN, USA


Ridgewater College
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Theresa from Willmar, MN

a current student here
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In three sentences
The kindness of the staff has simply blown my mind. Online information runs quick and you get quick answers back. Every one has been very helpful.
Tips for prospective students
Check the map for areas that interest you.as it is clearly market and easly located. Go ahead and request and tour and they are more then happy to set up at time that works for you!
Academic Rigor
Aggressive at your pace. Very kind about make sure you are on track and the five star agenda listed out for you on the first day of school so you know what is going on!
Dorm Life
I do live in town and spoke with a gal that lives on site and walks to school in the cold winter weather in Minnesota and she said she just loves it!
Food and Dining
What ever you are looking for they have it available either at the book store / convience store and on site restaurant & store. Huge shooping area less then five minutes from the school.
What to do for fun
STARS! Tons of stuff is available and most are free with your student id. Also with school always study sessions and the library is open till 9pm.
Bang for the buck
The instructors are past students and undestrand the costs and have choosen the least amount of required books to keep costs down and the school offers the lowest prices and rental and used programs and buy back. Alsways kind in helping with anything you need.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Personally I got a work study as a note taker. Pretty neat since I'm taking the class and now being paid to do what I'm already doing. Love it! They are just simply willing to help in anyway.
Great for these types of students
If your goal is set they are set to help you reach your goal. How ever if you are undecided they are able to look at tests and to get you on a path for success on your choice.
Clubs and Activities
Multicultural Club & Trio so many to list! On line you can look at them with out registering. Sports galor and what I love is the free tuturing that is available 8am - 4pm LOVE!!
Greek Life
On site art gallerys would be my best suggestion. The website does explain each program and coarse in detail for your review. The guidance office is more then happy direct.
Campus Safety
Litterally you do not have to go outside. You can of course. But the buildings are connected in a large bumpy circle. Check out the map on the website. I have not felt uncomfortable and have looked and they have camera every place and that makes me feel even more comfortable, almost to comfortable. :)
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