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Fall Regular Decision October 24, 2019
Spring Regular Decision April 10, 2019
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June 20, 2019
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 951-222-8600
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
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What Students Are Saying

3.02 Average Rating
registration is somewhat difficult, especially since the economy is so bad right now, so when you find out your registration date, mark your calender, set an alarm be online at midnight! also don't be distraught if you don't get the exact classes that you want, there are many classes that fill GE and transfer requirements. plus the more units you have under your belt the closer your registration date gets each semester! my tip for you: take as many classes as you can! also as i mentioned earlier about the books, do not let the bookstore fool you! go to amazon.com, half.com, chegg.com...ect. you can find your books some place else for a lot cheaper!! also buy a parking permit! it will make your life so much easier! in the RCCD there are 3 campuses, you can take online classes from any of them, keep that in mind when you cant find any classes at the city campus! be in your registered classes on the first day of class!! you will get dropped if you are not there, and the waiting list is your best friend. if you are in the top 5 of the waiting list you are basically in the class, there is always someone who doesn't show on the first day of class!
Farryn from Moreno Valley, CA
My main tips for the prospective student are these
- Try to detach yourself from depending on others and make decisions for yourself.
- Don't expect that the information will just come to you at RCC. 4-year universities tend to be a lot more direct about information, but at RCC one must research on one's own.
- Try to take as many classes as you can during a term so as to finish your goals quicker.
Emilio from Riverside, CA
Be positive! There is nothing more hurtful to a students college career than a negative attitude. Ask questions, be polite, and listen to what each instructor has to offer in order to better yourself for the future.
Albert from Riverside, CA
New college students should take advantage of community colleges in general. Fresh out of High School students may not always know what careers they want to pursue so community colleges are perfect for finding their paths. With Financial Aid and Bog Waivers it is virtually free tuition for those who qualify. Many financial aid options are available such as BOG, FAFSA, Dream Act and Cal grants. RCC or any of its sister schools would be a great place to start. Not only for tuition costs, but it will generally save students a lot of money when they decide to transfer.
The best tip I can give is speak to a counselor asap and begin a study program, take general education classes and find out what career is best for you while having a great experience, just don't blow all of your financial aid at a community college. Important thing to remember is that Financial is limited to about 6 school years, so although it is a great place to find your path, prospective students should not linger more than they have to.
Delfino from San Bernardino, CA
Be prepared to learn.
Prioritize your schedule.
Strive for A's.
Take your education seriously.
Erin from Moreno Valley, CA
Plan ahead, pay attention, take good notes and don't forget to study. Your hard work will pay off, just keep it up and do not give up.
Stephen from Riverside, CA
GETTING CLASSES IS FREAKING CRAZY. Do not be mad if you do not get what you want right away, but do not give up. The more units that you have taken, the sooner you can pick classes, pretty soon you will be able to pick classes for the next semester before the current one is over. FIND a blue sheet called IGETC in the admissions office, it tells you what classes to take to clear your general education. ALSO find an experienced student who can talk you through the times ahead. DO not always rely on a counselor when you can learn the materials yourself as they are only available from 8am-6pm. ONLY take online classes if you are extremely self sufficient, you may think you can handle it but most student fail them because of enhanced procrastination thinking that it will be so easy. THE library computers are free and super fast, printing is 10 cents a page.
Khallid from Riverside, CA
I love this school, the professor's are there to help you become a professional. Everything is at arms reach when needing help. Never forget to ask, even if you think that your question is stupid.
Adriana from Perris, CA
I love RCC because of the way it is set up. First the counselors offer a load of advice.I advise you to go set up a time at counselor for you will receive a student goal list as well as a student class planner. They schedule you to be on track with your classes. Second try to chose your classes around any times you know will be a distraction. Third studying in the library or anywhere on campus can keep you focus. Finally the last tip is to stay motivated with a positive attitude. Professors and other students can only motivate you so much, the rest is up to you. This motivation will increase your chances of staying on track.
Avonlea from Corona, CA
Admissions is a big headache. Definitely enroll on time, be there on the first day of class, and if the teacher doesn't add you the first day continue to go. He or she will see you are serious about the class and add you in when others have dropped.
Elizabeth from Moreno Valley, CA

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