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What Students Are Saying

3.16 Average Rating
Have a plan B for paying for classes due to the likelihood of financial aid issues. Research potential professors before registering, then, when you find a good one, sign up for his or her class EARLY! Make use of the free help in the labs. Get to know at least one person in class for when you are absent. Get in the habit of studying or reviewing EVERY DAY if you are not used to doing so. Oh, and forget trying to find a parking space close; give up and walk a few blocks, it's good exercise anyway!
Sherri from San Antonio, TX
My recommendation if you are attending/thinking to attend is to copy everything you turn in to the clerical staff, call them often to make sure they're on top of things and when it comes to class order/requirements to just ask the department professors themselves rather than the counselors. Some of the professors have even said that this is a far better approach than asking any of the counselors on staff.
San Antonio College has so much to offer, whether you are a single or married with children, old or young this campus has so much to offer everyone. I myself and a full time mom with a full time job and I taken a full schedule, it has been easy since now they offer classes online and at the campus. I would recommend this campus to everyone, all of the Alamo colleges are incredible.
Alexa from San Antonio, TX
If you are going to go to this college, be prepared. It's not like high school and the instructors will try to be tough with you and not give second chances for late homework so make sure to do all your work on time. Also, I work at the bookstore and I would say to get all of your books about a week or two before your classes actually begin because the bookstore will be crazy the first few weeks of school with students putting getting their books off till the last minute.
Kayla from Schertz, TX
make sure to always be on top of your a game and aware of any upcoming events. the more events you attend the more opportunities you have and people you get to know.
Brianna from Selma, TX
make sure you get there super early to find parking and find classes. also have your map of sac handy, you will need it. the buildings are spread out and you can go from one side to the other and can get lost easliy with no map!!!
Pearl from San Antonio, TX
Get a parking permit and make sure you know the best places to park before you happen to be late one day. There are also many railroad tracks surrounding the school so sometimes you may be stuck on the wrong side of the tracks. The roads are a little potholed around the school so don't speed and be careful.
Kelan from San Antonio, TX
Be sure to always take advantage of early regristration so you can set up your schedule to how you would like it. Take advantage of all instructors meeting times and of all labs. Be sure to at least get three phone numbers of other students.
Lucianna from San Antonio, TX
Don't fret about the negative connotation community colleges have within the community of high school students planning on attending college, think about what is best for you financially, and if you could personally handle the shock of actual university life right off the bat. Remember, community college is just a starting point, you will get there eventually!
Kelsey from San Antonio, TX
Defiantly talk to an advisor early that way you can get settled and not rushed with anything. Take advantage of the counseling as well and also the student center.
Breeana from San Antonio, TX

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