University of Cincinnati-Clermont College
Batavia, OH, USA


University of Cincinnati-Clermont College
2.80 Average Rating

Sarah from Middletown, OH

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I love it! I have a personalized setting with my professor where they know me on a first name basis and can honestly help me and I can tell that they are enjoying they're job.
Am enjoying being here
Like I said I enjoy being a COUGAR! I love the atmosphere, and the cafe. This is some of the best food on all of the University Campuses. The people here are awesome and you will always run into someone you know which makes the college transition comfortable.
Bang for the buck
While gaining credits for you University of Cincinnati degree and SAVING thousands who could say no?
Tips for prospective students
I would advise students that want to go to UC, to attend the Clermont Branch campus and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, their money!
Great for these types of students
Every student! Especially non traditional students.
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