University of Connecticut-Stamford
Stamford, CT, USA


University of Connecticut-Stamford
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Melissa from Stamford, CT

a current student here
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Academic Rigor
Be especially careful when choosing your professors. I use Ratemyproff to carefully select mine. There may be a required class which only has one prof, if that's the case try to get a tutor (I use Wyzant).

Don't be scared though, I've had amazing professors as well!
Will enjoy being here
I've already applied and I think it'll be alright, I don't like having to stay in my hometown because it does get boring being in the same place but for people out of state, it's close to NY because we're in stamford and there's a mall, well, it is a town.
Bang for the buck
The tuition is perfect for everyone and will you a diploma from a highly respected state school.
To be honest, I'm not completely please with some professors, but like I said use ratemyprof!

Tips for prospective students
A decent GPA like 3.2 should get you a spot.
When you choose your classes use to choose the best profs (or try to get them!).
Join a club! Be active.
Great for these types of students
Great for In-state really, because it doesn't have housing so out of state would need to commute.
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