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Wilson College
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In three sentences
Wilson College is a small school so everybody knows everybody, and you will see a familiar face everywhere you go. We form friendships right away and there is a lot of community involvement. Our professors are willing to help any way they can when a student asks for help whether it be school work, academic advising, counseling, etc.
Tips for prospective students
-Plan ahead and don't wait too long to take care of financial issues.
-Apply for state grants and scholarships before taking out private loans.
-Meet with your academic advisor regularly to plan out what classes need to be taken and when is the best time to take them.
Academic Rigor
I like the curriculum here. I've learned how to do things hands on such as draw blood, anesthetic monitoring, IV/Urinary Catheter, etc. (I am a Veterinary Medical Technology major)
Dorm Life
The dorm rooms are small depending on which building you live in, but you will get used to it. The rooms are not brand new but the bathrooms and hallways are cleaned daily. We have a lounge and hall events where we can form bonds with friends.
Food and Dining
Most of the food in the dining hall comes fresh from our own Fulton Farm. There is a salad bar, deli bar, cereal, ice cream, and dessert everyday.
What to do for fun
Clubs such as Fencing, the Yearbook Club, Muhibah (international club), sports, downtown Chambersburg with coffee shops, book stores, bead stores, mini shops
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
We have an unusual tradition where there is a rival between odds vs. evens classes. Example, class of 2013 vs. class of 2014. The odds are black and red and are the pirates. The evens are blue and green and are the ninjas. Sometimes we dress up as pirates and ninjas to class and have water gun fights. It's always fun and I love that the school allows us to have these kind of fun events on campus.
Campus Safety
24 hour on duty security, emergency push buttons throughout campus
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