York County Community College
Wells, ME, USA


York County Community College
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Gwendolyn from Acton, ME

a current student here
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In three sentences
york county community college is a very student oriented college. the classes are small, which are nice, especially when students need assistance. the counselors and teachers are very driven toward student success.
Tips for prospective students
no matter what you take for classes, or what your major is, the teachers are great. they are very driven toward your success in the class, so just do the work! if you're having trouble, make you sure you utilize the learning center! they give assistance in all classes, and the library will become your best friend! do not be afraid to ask for assistance by the library staff! they're so friendly and will do what they can to help you!
Academic Rigor
it's perfect! to be perfectly honest. just because it's a community college doesn't mean the classes are any less in quality! the work load is perfect for the classes!
Dorm Life
york county community college doesn't have dorms, so there is no way that i can rate this.
Food and Dining
the food is all handmade, which is really nice! from what i can tell, the majority of it is not processed, and it's delicious! they have plenty of vegetarian options, which is nice, considering i am vegetarian (:
What to do for fun
they have a multitude of clubs! they also have the student senate. they set up a lot of activities and events for students to attend. they're a lot of fun and very well put together! the student lounge is a great place to hang out, with great people, video games and two large television sets.
Campus Safety
the campus safety is superb. they have call stations in the parking lot! if there's an emergency, you go to a place where there is a blue light, and it notifies the emergency hotline immediately, providing immediate help! they also have call stations throughout the school, as well. there are cameras and security guards throughout the building as well. to be perfectly honest, i feel extremely safe here!
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