Molecular Physiology

A program that focuses on the scientific study of dynamic interactive processes and biochemical communications at the subcellular level. Includes instruction in ion channels and transporters, molecular signaling pathways, endocrine control and regulation, genetic information transfer, homeostasis and molecular control systems, electrophysiology and sensory mechanisms, protein synthesis, and applicable research methods and technologies.

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University of Chicago

Founded in 1890, The University of Chicago is a private urban research institution. U of Chicago is home to an undergraduate college noteworthy for establishing the fields of Ecology and Sociology. In addition to classroom facilities, the U of...

“…The University of Chicago is an urban neighborhood filled with Gothic architecture and students passionate about learning. While the workload at times feels unbearable, getting to learn from some of the best professors in the field makes up for it....” – Alana from Benton Harbor, MI

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Founded in 1817, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is the state’s oldest university. U of M has very high research activity and is a often referred to as a Public Ivy. The university at Ann Arbor offers upwards of 260 degrees for undergraduates,...

“…The classes here are pretty intense. I'm a student in the college of Engineering, where group work is an important part of most classes. Most of the core classes like calculus, physics, and chemistry are very large classes, but they all have smaller...” – Elizabeth from Rochester Hills, MI

University of South Florida-Main Campus

The University of South Florida is a public research university located in Tampa, FL, offering more than 180 majors and concentrations. Ranked on multiple lists for its research efforts, USF Tampa’s Office of Undergraduate Research allows all citizen...

“…Every college has a learning community, but USF does what they can to make students comfortable while learning. Our brand new student center has plenty of study rooms, and a very large computer lab that is very useful.” – Miranda from Fruitland Park, FL

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University was founded in 1873 as a private research university in Nashville, Tennessee. Academically, the university focuses on an interdisciplinary approach,  encouraging students to take courses from any of the 143 areas of study. The...

“…Last semester, my 3rd at Vandy, was the first time I began to understand This is why I am at Vanderbilt. Never have I been as challenged intellectually. As an education major, it was important for me to see that Vanderbilt's high rankings were more...” – L from Chicago, IL

Baylor College of Medicine

The Baylor College of Medicine is a health sciences institution in Houston. Baylor is home to schools of Medicine, Health Professions, Biomedical Sciences, and Tropical Medicine. For a hands-on learning experience, the Baylor campus is located within...

“…From what I've read about this schools medical program its outstanding. It even has a 7 year program if my sources are correct. I am hoping to get into this school.” – Vishruth from Frisco, TX