American Academy of Dramatic Arts-Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA, USA


American Academy of Dramatic Arts-Los Angeles
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Jessica from Irvine, CA

researching this school
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Will learn a lot
Yes. I will learn a whole lot about theatre arts and acting.
Will enjoy being here
Yes. I will enjoy being here because after all i love acting.
Bang for the buck
Yes. I will get my money's worth out of this program.
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A from Northridge, CA

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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In three sentences
This college is for the actors and actresses in training. If you absolutely love the dramatic arts , this is a college for you. The teachers , students and staff are amazing people and are family you will love.
Tips for prospective students
Sometimes is are apply early , safe money up for college and have fun its okay if you don't get it is a blessing to get into this school. it is one of the top schools for acting.
Academic Rigor
They take acting seriously but also know how to have fun. The teachers work along side with and help you thou and struggles you have.
Dorm Life
You bond with the classmates and learn to live as a family.
Food and Dining
They may not have a food service connected to the college but it does have amazing fast food restaurants. Like in and eat , Starbucks, fat-burger , burger king and many more.
What to do for fun
What you can do for fun is walk down to the star-walk, catch a movie at el capitone and even go to the famous wax museum.
Bang for the buck
It is definitely worth the money .
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
no unusual traditions that i know of yet.
Great for these types of students
Great for students in love with the dramatic arts.
Clubs and Activities
I do not know if there is any .
Greek Life
There is none , unless your talking about Greek theater.
Campus Safety
A very safe environment , i love it .
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