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Clinton College
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Ashanti from Lancaster, SC

a current student here
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Dorm Life
Dorm Life can be pretty cool at CJC. My freshman year i was a little scared at first. I cried like the first whole week there. But i got use to it. Its fun meeting new people and you learn so much when you all are living together. It literally becomes one big happy family !
Food and Dining
Food and Dining is ok. Theres not too many complaints about the food since it became under new management. You have a variety of meals survived. And there's breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
What to do for fun
For fun usually SGA will host activites such as Movie Nights, Parties, Talents shows, etc; . We also have basketball games (boys and girls) so its fun going out to support them.
Clubs and Activities
We have SGA (Student Goverment Association), Clinton Ensemble, NAACP, and STEM Club.
Campus Safety
We do have Security Guards on campus at all times 24/7
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