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  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Crew-Rowing
  • Gymnastics
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming and Diving
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Water Polo
  • Other
  • Squash
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What Students Are Saying

3.82 Average Rating
The food is really good and the service is great. The students can also use a meal card and eat at select restaurants in the area.
Leslie from Silver Spring, MD
There are many restaurants at GW. When you are enrolled in the school, you will get two types of money (dining dollars and colonial cash). Dining dollars are used only for J-street and those around J-street (pretty much school cafeteria). Colonial cash is used outside J-street (for example, CVS). Food is not excellent, but it's edible and you get used to it. If you are tired of restaurants at Foggy Bottom (GW campus), you can try exploring outside restaurants in D.C.. For example, Founding Farmers is a great restaurant.
Washington, DC
Because there is no dining hall, food can be expensive. We can use a Gworld card at most restaurants on campus, but because of the way the university has the cards set up, restaurants inflate the prices of food to make Gworld profitable.
lindsey from las vegas, nv
The dining halls are awesome and a lot of restaurants around the city take Colonial Cash, which is really convenient. Make sure you're eating your vegetables! City life never stops, so you DON'T want to be getting sick.
Margaret from St Augustine, FL
The main spot for dining and food on campus is located at the Marvin Center in the middle of campus. Its dining area includes many non-brand restaurants and food stands that serve delicious and respectable dishes and recipes. However, there are some stands that I do not favor, mainly because it serves foreign food from a specific culture that does not taste good to me (forgot the name, but its right next to the Chinese restaurant stand in the left corner of the entrance on 21st street). There is also an Auntie Anne's within the dining area, and it has quickly become a student favorite in the first year it has been there. For those looking for a healthier option, there is also a food line in the middle that serves fruit, greens and vegetables (especially useful for those who are vegan or vegetarian), and cold food. Pita Pitt, Dunkin Donuts, Potbellys, and Gallery in the Ivory Tower dining area are also options. There is also a deli called GW Deli that is just like a regular deli for those looking for a humbler and genuine eating experience. Whole Foods, Roti, and Burger Tap and Shakes, 7-11, and Sweetgreen are all across the street from GW Hospital. Chipotle, Bertucci (Italian restaurant), and Johnny Rockets are in 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue. Fridays, Panda Cafe are also on Pennsylvania. CVS is also located in 2000 Penn. and E Street NW, respectively. Fobogro is a GW-owned sandwich spot that is also a popular spot on campus. Starbucks is also located in Gelman Library. Then, you have Carvings (located in Potomac Hall and is like the Deli), Subway, and 7-11 on the other edge of campus. For Mount Vernites, students have dining in Ames Hall and West Hall, as well as off-campus places such as Panda Cafe and Safeway.

Patrick from Newark, NJ
There are a lot of options when it comes to meals at GW! We have two types of options, things we can buy with dining dollars and things we can buy with colonial cash. Dining dollars can be used at any dining hall, there are two, one for each campus. The food is extremely good, however it's almost always the same options. There's many, but it becomes mundane. With colonial cash, we can buy absolutely anything anywhere that will accept our cards. This provides you with so many more options! You can sit down and eat at a restaurant or order delivery! The dining hall food is honestly delicious, but when it gets to be too repetitive, colonial cash provides students with a lot more options!
Meredith from Marlton, NJ