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Lake Erie College
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Michelle from Glouster, OH

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Am learning a lot
Since I arrived at Lake Erie College, I have had the privilege of learning one life lesson after another. I have not only had the chance to excel in the classroom under the tutelage of amazing professors, but I have learned a lot about myself as a person. The instructors give time to their students and make sure that they understand the material. They take the time to approach a student as an individual in a small class environment and I truly believe that it has made all the difference in my education. They know my name, how I learn best, and really care about my future. I highly recommend this institution to anyone that wants to learn hands-on in a positive, small classroom environment.
Am enjoying being here
Lake Erie College is a wonderful place to be! From the classrooms to the campus events, there is always a feeling of welcome. The college hosts many different events through the year ranging from cultural to just plain, good old fun. Everyone can find a place amongst their peers at LEC. Whether it is a student's goal to join greek life or one of the many clubs, this school has a niche for everyone. Cant find the club for you? Make it! Lake Erie College encourages involvement of all kinds. From the many campus events to events of their own making, students are never without something to do. Perhaps a student might want to go off campus? There are a lot of options in the immediate area for students to pursue. The buses in Painesville offer discounted rates for Lake Erie College students. There is ample shopping, movie theatres (they offer discounts too!), bowling, restaurants, and more. Lake Erie College is unlike many other colleges in that it allows all students to have vehicles, regardless of class status. That means that a student is also free to explore nearby Cleveland, home of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, the famous Cleveland Zoo, and many other attractions. Lake Erie College truly is a wonderful place to be!
Bang for the buck
At first glance, any college can appear daunting as far as finances are concerned and LEC is no different. Many people may see that it is a private institution and feel like it will be expensive. This is my advice: Just ask our financial aid department. I was amazed at what they could do for me. After all of the aid they were willing to give, it turned out that this private school was just as cheap as a public one. In fact, in my case, it was even cheaper! This college is well worth what any prospective student might put into it. The professors are capable, willing, and friendly. The classes are small, the courses are challenging, and all the amenities of campus life make this school too good of a deal to pass up.
Tips for prospective students
My advice to any prospective student is just to visit and don't rule any college out before you do. See for yourself what Lake Erie College, or any other college for that matter, has to offer you. Meet your professors, tour the campus, and hear the opinions of other students you meet. You might be surprised at what you find.
Great for these types of students
Lake Erie College is great for students who are self motivated and want to succeed. The classes are small and hand-on, and the professors take the time to truly teach. Students who want to have a cultural experience, make lifetime connections, and chase their passions have a place at LEC.
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