Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Key Admission Stats

Institution Type
  • Coed

Need Aware

This school may consider an applicant’s financial situation when deciding admission

Level of Institution
4 Year
Campus Setting
Major city
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Admissions Requirements

SAT Subject Tests
AP Course Credit
Dual Enrollment

Important Deadlines

Application Type Application Deadline Reply Deadline
Early Decision Acceptance is binding so student must attend college if accepted. November 1, 2021
Early Action Acceptance is not binding, but student will receive admissions decision earlier. November 1, 2021
Fall Regular Decision January 15, 2021
Test Optional
Application Fee
Fee waivers available
Rolling Admissions

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In-State Students
Out-Of-State Students
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Submitting SAT
Average ACT Composite: 31
Average SAT Composite: 1321
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Admissions Resources

Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 310-338-2750
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

4.01 Average Rating
Make sure when you are thinking of applying to LMU, you consider your major or area in which you will be studying. Each college is different in terms of course requirements. For instance, Engineering is more demanding in terms of hours spent in labs than English, where the hours are spent writing papers. Choose the area you feel most passionately about. The rest will all come naturally.
Kelly from MORGAN HILL, CA
The film school is very competitive, so be warned if you're applying for that.
This is a Catholic school, but it doesn't show very much. There are a lot of theology classes on Christianity but there are a good number of non-Christian classes (Buddhism, World Religions, etc).
Cady from Los Angeles, CA
LMU is very big on their mission statement and loves to incorporate it in everything that we do. Get involved! LMU loves to see students who are involved in things other than academics.
Antonio from San Marino, CA
They are looking for highly motivated students who can show that they have the potential to contribute to the LMU community. Show them how you can shine in your essays, let them get to know you through your goals and don't hold back about what you've achieved so far!
Kyana from Los Angeles, CA
Get involved!
Go to Convo hour events!
Check out the Lion Den and the Living Room!
Maribel from Los Angeles, CA
Don't focus too much on the social aspect of college at first because it becomes really easy for you to get lost in your class work and with the high price tag on this college most students definitely try to get out in 4 years, if not sooner, to save money.
Kelly from Los Alamitos, CA
Visit the campus before applying or registering. LMU is very beautiful and clean don't get me wrong but LMU is also a very small. If you are looking for this kind of campus I think LMU is your best choice. Before choosing your dorm visit the dorms during an open house. There are some new dorms and some very old ones. I am in rosecrans and even though its fun it is also the oldest dorm in LMU. Rosecrans can get very dirty sometimes. So if you are a very clean person stay away from Rosecrans. I suggest the new Del Reys either North or South. Both of them are awesome.
Alejandro from Chula Vista, CA
Come to a preview weekend to see what LMU is all about. Be honest in your application and do an interview if you think it will help.
cg12 from MN
If you qualify for financial aid check out the Student Worker Program. Go to LMU's website and type in Student Worker Program and you can get all the information there. While this program gets confused with work study, the Student Worker Program is completely different. Work study only offers $2,200 to $3,500 to work for while in college, however, the Student Worker Program offers an unlimited amount, which means you can make anywhere between $20,000-$32,000 while in college. While it is a lot of hard work, being in this program has allowed me to come to a great university and not have any debts/loans to pay off after college.
Daniel from Mission Viejo, CA
Look at as much of the school as you can. If you can, stay overnight with a host. Look at all of the dorms, and decide which ones you like best. If you attend the school, go to Convo; it's the only time during the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays when no one has classes. Try to join a club/organization, sports team, service organization, or a fraternity/sorority so that you have something else to do other than schoolwork.
Jasmine from Los Angeles, CA

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