Richard Bland College
South Prince George, VA, USA


Richard Bland College
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Brianna from Colonial Heights, VA

a current student here
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In three sentences
Richard Bland College is an amazing beginner step for individuals who are seeking to transfer to a 4 year institution. It well prepares you for the bigger and better scenes of an 4 year University. I am really glad that i had the chance of experiencing this outstanding College.
Tips for prospective students
My Tips for prospective Students is to get involved! Because it is a smaller College it is easier to meet people, But to actually really enjoy it, it will be amazing to get involved in intramural sports and clubs.
Academic Rigor
The Professors are amazing! They take the time to make sure you understand the material that is being put out. Also, alot of professors are really nice and funny!
Dorm Life
From what i hear, because i do not live in dorms, i am a commuter student, that the dorms are really nice, they are apartment style dorms.
Food and Dining
I personally really like the food.
What to do for fun
There are a lot of student lounges where you can chill out and relax and study ! Which i have learned it to be a really relaxing environment personally.
Clubs and Activities
There is a club literally for everybody ! My favorite out of all the clubs will have to be RBC Campus Ministries :)
Campus Safety
There is an onsite Police Department and there are alarms systems on Campus so if you are faced with an emergency you can pull the alarm and the Police Department will swiftly come down the street and will be there for you rescue
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