Tri-County Technical College
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Tri-County Technical College
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Kaitlin from Easley, SC

a current student here
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In three sentences
Tri-County Technical College is quite accomplished for a school of it's nature. Classroom sizes are moderately small and the teachers genuinely enjoy working with students of all types. The school provides many excellent programs that intend for it's graduates to be able to enter the work force immediately, or continue on to receive higher degrees.
Tips for prospective students
For any student, whether that be a full time student or a student looking to take only a few classes, Tri-County Technical College will work with the student to make sure the transition to the school goes as smoothly as possible. The school offers both office hours and online access to manage all needs including scheduling and financial aid. Help is always a click, phone call, or meeting away.
Academic Rigor
As it is with all educational programs, one will find at Tri-County Technical College that there are varying levels of difficulties at the school. Some find classes harder than others, just as some teachers are consider more difficult than others. However, if the work is willing to be put in, it is very possible to do well at the school. The teachers want to see their students do well and are always willing to aid however they can to help students excel.
Dorm Life
Most everyone at Tri-County Technical College chooses to live in off-campus apartments, if they have not chosen to live at home. The surrounding area is placed between the major city of Anderson, SC and the booming college town of Clemson, SC. This meaning that there is an abundance of apartment options and college life. This combination makes it very possible for each student to find the perfect place for their personality and social appetite.
Food and Dining
Being situated between Anderson and Clemson, SC, the Food scene is filled with various restaurants. This includes major chain restaurants such as Red Lobster and Long Horn, small town favorites such as Monk's Corner and Friends, and (everyone students' favorite) a menagerie of fast food choices like McDonald's and Zaxby's.
What to do for fun
Many students go into Anderson to see movies in several theaters or for shopping at the mall and surround shops. At night, downtown Clemson becomes a mecca for students with a multitude of bars to experience. The local favorite, Tiger Town Tavern, is always a must stop during the night. Another personal favorite, for someone whose looking for dinner and a drink might try 365, a sushi and martini bar. The small college town is also filled with plenty of spaces for outdoor sport and there are plenty of opportunities to have some fun.
Bang for the buck
Tri-County Technical College is very affordable and offers many scholarships to eligible students. The school also offers several locations making it easy to pick a campus that best suits each student.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
The campus is filled with many outdoor communing areas that make study groups and lunch time a quite enjoyable affair.
Great for these types of students
Tri-County Technical College is great for all types of students including students still in high school or adult students with families and jobs.
Clubs and Activities
Tri-County Technical College offers hundreds of clubs and organizations and is always open to add more to the list.
Greek Life
Tri-County Technical College does not have greek life. However, the near by Clemson University does have greek life and many Tri-County students participate along with Clemson's greek activities.
Campus Safety
My collection of parking tickets proves that the cops of Tri-County Technical College are certainly around and doing their job. Just watch out where you park, or you may end up with a fine.
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Ashley from Walhalla, SC

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I am learning a lot of Biology, lots and lots of Biology and loving every minute of it!
Am enjoying being here
The classes are small and the professors are really inclined to what you need to succeed.
Bang for the buck
tutition isn't that bad, and for one semester it is a lot of savings!
Tips for prospective students
you have to work really hard, but the effort and hard work really pay off.
Great for these types of students
has something for everyone
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