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What Students Are Saying

4.35 Average Rating
get to know your professors. if they're teaching here, it's because they're good at what they do and would love to share it with you, in and out of the classroom.
don't be afraid to get involved, either - there's so much to do on campus that it can be intimidating, but find something you think might interest you (club/athletic activity/whatever) and jump right in!
Thomas from Braintree, MA
Make sure to stay over on campus if possible. I suggest attending April Open House: it allows many students an intimate look into the university and often helps wondrously in making the dreaded decision. Also, pay attention to those supplementary essays. I know they're annoying and there are so many, but honestly try your best. Show the admissions officers that you are quirky and they will adore you.
Caitlyn from Plainville, MA
Applying to this fierce university means that you have to be willing to put in a lot of time and effort into your work. Tufts students definitely know how to have fun, but we are also always on top of our studies. In terms of Tufts' application, be creative and be yourself. It sounds so cliché, but there are no two Tufts students alike; we're a very eclectic bunch. For example, I submitted a large cardboard cut-out of a paper clip and used its attributes to indirectly describe my own personal qualities. Sounds silly, but it worked! So play your quirkiness to your advantage.
A tiny person in a Jumbo-sized environment
Be true to your self- show your personality, humor, passion, and individuality in your application. Definitely try to visit the school if you can. Tufts advertises itself as a campus that is simultaneously small and liberal arts-y and an up-and-coming research school. It's a weird balance that is best to experience yourself.
Emily from Freehold, NJ
Definitely do not take classes for granted and come in with a plan for the next four years. Tips for prospective students anywhere are pretty much similar (get involved, etc.) but specifically for Tufts I would have to recommend declaring a major as soon as possible. I did not and I was stuck with a less-than-qualified advisor. You can always change your major but unless you declare one, you are probably going to be assigned an advisor who is really a professor with a bit of extra time. Also be aware that your first test in a class can really make or break the grade for the semester, so don't take it lightly like it is some high school test. Many times, that grade is at least 1/4 of your final grade.
Gregory John from Somerville, MA
Play up what makes you different. Scores and grades are obviously important, but everyone applying here is smart, so it's really your essays that are going to show the admissions officers what makes you stand out from the 18,000 other smart kids in the application pile.
Micaela from Savannah, GA
Come to Tufts open minded and willing to discuss, defend, and adjust your opinions. Social justice and change are massively prevalent subjects on campus, and it's difficult to get away from them. In-depth discussions outside of class time have been frequent in my experience.
John from Somerville, MA
Be honest with yourself. Take classes you enjoy, and write a common application that is true to you and your personality.
Matt from Indianapolis, IN
Orientation is a whirlwind of meeting hundreds of people, feeling lost, not sleeping and trying to figure out who to eat with. Its crazy and overwhelming. Some people love it and some hate it. Whatever the case may be, it ends, and campus feels much more comfortable--like a home. You will have so many new friends and any familiar face is more than happy to wave back. You get to build your entirely new community from scratch--a unique opportunity. Take advantage of it and talk to anyone, even someone who seems completely opposite to you. You'll probably find yourselves bonding over your love of Harry Potter or Beyonce. Its amazing! Welcome to Tufts!
Proud Jumbo from Oakland, CA
When applying, be yourself as much as possible. The admissions officers value nothing more than a true genuine personality being shown on your college application. As a Tufts student, you should now be prepared to read a lot. The university is very large so don't be afraid if you don't make new friends right away, they will come to you. Don't sign up for 8 am classes if you do not consider yourself a morning person!