University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana
Hope, AR, USA


University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana
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Lois from Arkadelphia, AR

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I am learning a lot about the communtity college experience. I have learned so much about myself since I started to take these courses on campus and online. I am more confident.
Am enjoying being here
I enjoy going to class because it affords me the opportunity to learn as I go. I am excited to start the spring semester. I am hoping to raise my gpa and get on the honor roll.
Bang for the buck
I wanted to start at a community college because I needed to be focused and disciplined so that when I graduate and transfer, I will be able to go to a four year university and do well.
Tips for prospective students
Be focused on what it is that you want to do and stay on track.
Great for these types of students
This has been a great experience for me because I am a non traditional student.
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