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  • Coed

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4 Year
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Small city
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SAT Subject Tests
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Application Type Application Deadline Reply Deadline
Early Action Acceptance is not binding, but student will receive admissions decision earlier. November 1, 2022 May 1, 2021
Fall Regular Decision January 5, 2022 May 1, 2021
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Average ACT Composite: 30
Average SAT Composite: 1342
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 217-333-0302
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

3.99 Average Rating
Do your research about the school and the community. Visit the campus and sit in on a class or check out Green Street and other attractions around town.
Kristen from Chicago, IL
There are so many different things that you will learn in your college experience. Here are some tips that will hopefully make your transition a bit smoother!
-When you move in, do not be afraid to go around your floor and introduce yourself to people! It is totally normal to knock on someone's door and say, Hey, I'm blahblahblah. I'm in room whatevernumber and just thought I should meet some people around here. Here is a little secret not many people think about: EVERYONE is in the same boat on your first day. Some may know a few people, but for the most part, virtually everyone wants to make new friends. The people you meet in the first six weeks will be the people you get closest with! It is a lot harder to form a plethora of new relationships after that point. So push those first six weeks!
-Be yourself. Seriously. In high school, people conform. In college, people don't care, and conformists are actually a bit annoying. So do not be afraid to put the real you out there. There are tons of people for every kind of personality.
-Smile. Countless studies show that if you have a smile on your face, people perceive you as a warm and approachable person, making it a lot easier to make friends!
-Manage your independence. Yes, this will probably be your first time living on your own with no parents to tell you what to do. This does not mean you can pile up your laundry until you have no more underwear or leave the dishes undone until you cannot walk into the room because of the smell. It will now be your job to keep yourself in check. Set a day of the week (Sunday was always good for me) as your sorting out my life day. Do your laundry, clean your dishes, do any remaining homework for the upcoming week, check your calendar so you know how busy your week will be, print any necessary lecture slides for classes...the list goes on and on. When this day rolls around, you should know what you need to get done to make your parents proud and your life a lot less stressf...
Brittany from Island Lake, IL
*Visit the Campus - Once you see it you'll love it.
*Talk to current students
*Find out which classes are best to take for freshman year
Lola from Southfield, MI
Get yourself out there, and you will LOVE this place. But that's just the thing; GET YOURSELF OUT THERE. Talk to professors. Use the 24/7 accesibility at the Undergraduate Library. Go to clubs. Your education and life are what you make of them. You don't fill a blender with just ice and expect a great smoothie, do you? Trust me; if you take advantages of the oppurtunities that present themselves at U of I , you will be amazed and elated by the benefits you reap in the future.

However, be aware; that also goes for doing dumb stuff. You may think it's cute to show to class hungover now, but would you like to retain this habit into your 40's when you're going to work? Remember that what you do here is shaping your future. Garbage in, garbage out.
Krystal from Geneva, IL
I would recommend studying more, networking, getting a campus job, volunteering, and joining clubs. It sounds like a lot to do at once, but it is worth it! By participating in all of these opportunities, you will be able to create a stronger resume and have stronger letters of reference than your future competitors in the job market.
Amanda from Chicago, IL
The most helpful piece of advice I can give prospective students is to remember that you are students first. While this may sound simple, it is so easy to forget this when there is no authority figure constantly reminding you. While partying is fun, it can not be more of a priority than studying. Take advantage of office hours and the free tutoring that is being offered. Also, one should sit in the front of the class and establish a strong relationship with professors. Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask for help and seek help when needed and in a timely fashion.
alicia from Naperville, IL
Some people might be worried that a big school like this is too impersonal and that it would be difficult to get to know anyone. But clubs and events are a great way to meet people, and once you become involved it starts to get that homey feeling that a smaller school would have.
Danielle from Chicago, IL
#1 - don't be afraid to ask questions! whether it means contacting someone you know who is a current student at the university or reaching out to friends of friends for advice, do not hesitate to ask anyone any question no matter how ridiculous it may seem. everyone on campus was in high school at some point in time, and they will be completely understanding and very helpful. current students are your best way of knowing exactly what it's like to live on campus and attend classes. (you know you came to the right place because i just finished my freshman year!) #2 - stay on top of your game. even though senioritis is probably kicking in, keep trying your best in school. it will definitely pay off when you get to campus because you will already be in the right mindset to succeed on this campus. the courses may be challenging for you if you're not used to applying yourself academically. however, if you do apply yourself, you will find that there is much to learn at the university of illinois and that truly anyone can succeed. #3 - as cliche as it may sound, get involved! with over 1,400 registered student organizations (rsos) on campus, there is surely something that will spark your interest and help connect you with students of similar interests on campus. the rsos are one thing that helps make a campus of over 44,000 students feel so small. get excited for quad day - a day during welcome week when all rsos set up booths on the main quad to inform the student body of their mission and offer ways for more students to get involved.
sophia from glenview, il
Take your ACT seriously; that score can make or break you being accepted into this school! Make sure you check out the numerous student organizations; there are SO many opportunities to find a group you will love; so make sure you find it!
Carolyn from Wood Dale, IL

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