Voorhees College
Denmark, SC, USA


Voorhees College
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Karessa from Long Beach, CA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The classroom settings are very small so you can ask for help anytime. There are various opportunities to be taken advantage of. There are also many different programs on campus that help expand your cultural enrichment.
Am enjoying being here
There are many activities inside you dorm and also there are many events on various days that you can enjoy and also create a great chance of networking.
Tips for prospective students
Voorhees College is a private institution and works very closely with all students to ensure success and brighter future. There are many types of programs that are available and and even travel to perfect your intended craft.
Great for these types of students
Voorhees is great for determined students who want to better there future and matriculate from Voorhees with many door and oppotunites open.
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Tinom from Columbia, SC

a current student here
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In three sentences
Voorhees College thrives to bring out the best in students spiritually, academically and physically.. It has the best members of staffs and faculty, who work hard to make education more convenient. Though it is a small school, they provide a motivating and peaceful environment for studying.
Tips for prospective students
High SAT score and ACT scores
Good leadership and community service skills
Good athletic skills
Academic Rigor
Voorhees has produced great men and women, notable in society.
Dorm Life
It is not really furnished with extravagant equipment, but it is fun.
Always neat and peaceful.
Good Internet facilities
comfortable study halls
comfortable student lounge.
Food and Dining
Good food and nice soft drinks. Taste good!
Nice and neatly decorated cafeteria
good cooks and chefs.
What to do for fun
Community service
Interesting clubs and social organizations.
Bang for the buck
Good and highly qualified lecturers and professors.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Assemblies and founders day.
Great for these types of students
Athletic students
Clubs and Activities
Clubs and societies schedule lots of interesting activities and community service that you just can not afford to miss.
Greek Life
No hazing
Campus Safety
High level of security
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Antinea from Chattanooga, TN

researching this school
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In three sentences
This School seems really cool so far. Its also an HBCU which was something interesting for me. I received a Cappex free waiver application for this school and i'm only a junior.
Academic Rigor
Has exactly what i'm looking for a pre-medical program
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