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Warner University
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Warner student from FL

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The classes that I am required to take as a freshman like University experience and Christian Thought are fairly easy with little homework. The classes and interesting and I'm learning in them. All of the professors are really caring and honestly want you to learn. Classes are small, which is great because you can always ask questions. The professors are always willing to help you outside of class if you need additional assistance.
Am enjoying being here
The Student Government Association always has things going on during the weekends and most of the activities are free. The students, staff, and professors are all really friendly and kind. It's so easy to make friends here. Even though Warner is in Lake Wales and there is not much to do there, chances are the school is hosting an activity that night, or your friends have plans to do something fun.
Bang for the buck
For a private, Christian school, Warner is really reasonably priced. The also give out great academic and athletic scholarships. They work really hard to give every student a scholarship, and the financial aid people work with you to help you afford the school. I can attend Warner for less than what I would pay to go to a state university.
Tips for prospective students
Apply and get to know your admissions counselor because they are so helpful. Your scholarship award amount it sent to you with your acceptance letter, but that is just the base number. If you are considering Warner you should take a tour as well, and talk to some professors of your major. That really helped me make my decision.
Great for these types of students
Student athletes, education, social work, ministry, and business majors. Those are our top majors. If you are an education major you are promiced a job teaching when you graduate because they have a 100% placement rate. The education program and the social work programs are phenominal.
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LiAnne from Melbourne Beach, FL

a current student here
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Academic Rigor
the professors are very hands on and truly have your best interest at hand. they are very understanding and help you out as much as you can. warner has a very good reputation when it comes to the students who have graduated and how they are prepare for the work force. they eduction program is very difficult but it is also one of the top programs. most of the seniors get jobs before they even finish their internship. the 2 years i have been here every teacher ed. student has graduated and had a job right a way working as a full time teacher and those who got subbing jobs chose that type of job.
Dorm Life
the dorms here are great. unlike many other universities you actually get to have a person relationship with your r.d. they truly care about getting to know each student individually. the r.a.s have been great each year as well. i didn't not give it 5 starts because it can get pretty loud at times and there is some drama as well. but you will get that where ever you go.
Food and Dining
the food is decent. they always have a salad bar, pizza bar, sandwich bar, waffle bar and cereal available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. the hours they are open is very good too. they are only closed for like a hour in between each food time to prepare for the next meal. they also have 3 major lines to choose from, healthy, ethnic, and the normal lunch. they usually have different kinds of deserts available during each meal time. on sunday mornings they have an omelet bar which is really good.
What to do for fun
they have things that go on most weekends that sga puts on where they have free food and give away prizes and have games and competitions. we have a hang out/lounge area call the sub where we have pool tables, table tennis/ping-pong, snack foods, and video games as well as huge plasma tvs. there isn't much to do close off campus but we aren't too far from tampa and orlando. the beach is about 30-45 min drive as well.
Bang for the buck
the school is a private institution but compared to other private universities they are cheap. plus you truly get what you pay for. the education is very good and the professors truly are the best i have had. it is cheaper to live at home with your parents but if you compare living on your own off campus to living on campus its about the same with bills and such. they are very good at giving very student some kind of financial aid too. they have tons of jobs on campus as well, however they fill up fast so get to school early or start emailing the different departments before you actually move in in order to get a job lined up on campus.
Great for these types of students
christians, christ followers, or anyone who might be interested in learning more about the christian beliefs. also if you dont really like the party atmosphere this school is great for you. there has been some problems with partying and stuch but they have been cracking down on it. you actually have to sign a life style agreement before you take your classes. no alcohol, drugs, or premarrital sex. honestly, they cant really stop you from doing any of that stuff on your on time but they are pretty strict on campus, or at least they try to be. it has happened on campus before but they are getting harsher with that.
Greek Life
we don't really have greek life. we do have two different social clubs for each gender, which is pretty close to the same thing. i was actually involved with one of the girls social groups but i didn't really like it. when i was in it we didn't do much of anything but this year they have done a lot more. you do have to rush but its not that bad, depending on which club you join. ha-ha
Campus Safety
they are very good. the secruity is driving around and walking around all of the time!! they are very good at protecting the students here at wu. my friend came to visit me and he got to my school around 10 pm and security actually followed him until he got to my dorms and then they came up to him and asked him what he was doing there. i came out and cleard things up.
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