Webber International University
Babson Park, FL, USA


Webber International University
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Dallas from Haines City, FL

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Yes. You will learn a lot about getting ahead in the business world, running a business and even just gaining a job in this tough economy. I have taken may classes that helped prepare me for job interviews and how to handle myself in the workplace. I believe we have some of the best teachers at Webber that are truly focused on getting their students jobs.
Am enjoying being here
Yes I enjoy being at Webber. Not only have I learned a lot and met a lot of friends but we also have tons of activities going on at Webber. We had foam parties, paintball(nerf ball) competitions, and much more. Their is always something fun to do at Webber.
Bang for the buck
It is a great deal. It is not cheap but no colleges are. For a private university it really is a good deal. Especially for the quality.
Tips for prospective students
I suggest you ask people about the professors to take. Also find a friend and share a book and study. Take a tour and see the great atmosphere and beautiful lake.
Great for these types of students
Students that want to be more than a number.
Students that like one on one conversation with teachers
Student athletes, about 98% of Webber students are athletes
Students that want to have fun!!
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