Yeshiva University
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Yeshiva University
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Adam from Brooklyn, NY

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
With Judaic studies in the morning and secular courses in the afternoon, your day is filled with inspiring and useful information.
Am enjoying being here
Great Rabbeim! Great Professors! Modest Campus! Delicious Kosher Food! Nice Dorm...what's not to like?
Bang for the buck
If you are interested in the medical, psychological, business, or law field while balancing your yeshiva courses; Then YU is worth every penny!
Tips for prospective students
Spend a day in your morning program, see if you feel comfortable. If you do not enjoy what your are doing in the morning, then college (YU in particular) will lead to a head of gray. It's Torah U'Madda (Torah and secular knowledge), only with a solid Torah foundation can you truly succeed in everything else. That being the case, make sure your in the right spot during the morning hours.
Great for these types of students
Jews who love Torah and know that it is important nowadays to have a college degree to ultimately benefit humanity.
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