<span>Colleges for a 1200 SAT</span>

Colleges for a 1200 SAT

The SAT is a college entrance exam taken by high school students throughout the country that covers the subjects of writing, reading, and math. Utilizing a scoring scale of 400 to 1600, the SAT’s best possible result is a 1600. A score of 1200 demonstrates an above average performance and shows that you answered a majority of the questions on the standardized test correctly.

Is a Score of 1200 Good?

A 1200 is an above average score that places you in approximately the 74th percentile of all high school students taking the exam. A score of 1200 makes it possible to apply to the vast majority of schools throughout the nation and be competitive for admission at a sizable number of colleges. Because one of the goals in taking the SAT is to generate a large number of college options to choose from, a score of 1200 proves to be very effective for this purpose.

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

A score of 1200 leads to a sizable amount of college options, so all you have to do is compile a list of colleges and universities that fit your criteria and match your academics. To help sort through all the options, pay a visit to your school’s college resource center and schedule a meeting with the college counselor. Other than that, now is the time to ensure that your academic record remains strong for the rest of your high school career. Remember that colleges tend to weigh SAT scores about equally with GPA, so keeping your performance strong is crucial.

If you want to increase your score, either to become eligible or competitive at more selective institutions or for more merit aid, junior year is a great time for that. Schedule a retake date at least 4 to 6 weeks out so you have enough time to study. Utilize the free SAT study website or look into SAT prep books to familiarize yourself with the materials. If you’re trying to increase your score significantly, it may be worthwhile to look into a test prep class or hire a tutor, if possible.

If you’re a senior, it may be difficult to retake the SAT with enough time to study, get your score back, and still apply to colleges you’re interested in. If you’re intent on retaking it, make sure to know all of your application deadlines and schedule accordingly. In the end, your time may be better spent concentrating on preparing the rest of your application. Be sure to set aside time to craft a well-developed personal essay that’s both persuasive and thoughtful. To make it as readable as possible, show it to your college counselor and ask for their suggestions for improvement, and don’t forget to ask for recommendations from your teachers and compile a list of your extracurriculars.

What Colleges Can I Apply to With a Score of 1200?

With a score of 1200, you’re eligible to apply to a large number of colleges and be considered a moderately competitive candidate. We’ve assembled a sample of these schools below. Be aware that even a high SAT score does not lead to automatic admission, but all of these colleges and universities have a history of accepting students with scores of 1200.

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