Bishop State Community College
Mobile, AL, USA


Bishop State Community College
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Wendell from Mobile, AL

a current student here
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Academic Rigor
depending on how well a student does on the placement test or the act test determines the classes that a particular student will be placed in, which can range from remedial courses to college-level classes. so no matter the academic aptitude of the student they will be individually challenged.
Bang for the buck
for $136 a credit hour a decent education is available to anyone willing to make an earnest attempt to get most for their money.
Tips for prospective students
check around for prices on the books you need instead of settling for the bookstore price, unless the teacher has other material with your book. do not slack in any class, they all affect your gpa. if you are on financial aid poor grades and poor attendance could especially affect your financial aid.
Great for these types of students
it is great for students who may not have done so well in high school, but are willing to make an effort to be academically prepared for a four year university/college or who are searching for a leg-up in the workforce.
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