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What Students Are Saying

4.10 Average Rating
there are a lot of stairs at bc, so be prepared for walking around campus in the rain and snow.
Anonymous from Chestnut Hill, MA
The biggest tip I have for prospective students is to be involved in high school. And though grades and test scores do matter, being well rounded or dedicated to specific extra circulars will go a long way when you are being considered for admission. Tour BC, but also if you get a chance, talk with a current student outside of the admissions volunteers. That is the best way to find out the truth about BC, or any school in fact.

BC is a catholic jesuit college, but religion is only a part of BC if you make it a part. Many people practice other religions, if they practice at all, here.

The best part of BC in my opinion are the libraries, especially Bapst.

BC is stereotyped as a rich, white kid, preppy college. Although this is not true for everyone attending BC, there are many students who do fit this profile.
Susan from MN
Come prepared for a heavy workload. It's extremely important to learn how to balance your life - At BC the students live the work hard, play hard mentality to the fullest. In order to fit in all of the social activities and most importantly academic requirements you have to be ready to work hard!
Strong academics are a must, of course, but BC recognizes there is more to a student than grades and tests. It is important to show extracurricular including sports and clubs, and it is especially important to show community involvement. There is not a student at BC that is not involved in the school or Boston community in some way, which is what makes the school so special and enriching. Use as essay to describe in detail a high school activity. It shows admissions that you truly cared about the activity and that you would be interested in continuing it at BC, not just because it would look good on your resume. It is also important to research the school well. What academics does BC have that you are particularly interested in? Are you looking for a certain type of community that exists at BC? For any school, it is important to address why you want that specific school in one of your essays or somewhere in your application. Once you are accepted, get involved early. Activities are the best way to make friends and feel like part of the community. Do not limit yourself to one activity either. Try new things until you find the one that is best for you. College is your time to find out what you really want in life, and it is one of the fundamental goals of BC to ensure you do just that.
Andrea from Lake Forest, CA
Get involved early on and stay involved. Joining an extracurricular activity is the best way to meet friends and explore something you don't have time to in class. Take up a hobby or take up a cause, student groups help you to find your niche and have fun. And if at first something doesn't work out, try something else. You will only regret the stone you leave unturned.
Brendan from Clarksburg, NJ
I would definitely advise prospective students to think hard about what they want to major in before they apply to Boston College. There are 4 schools within Boston College and when you apply, you pick one specific one to apply to. While it is okay to be undecided in the Arts and Sciences school, it is hard to switch from one school to another since some of the programs are designed to start right from freshman year. For example, I am in the Lynch School of Education and we had required classes the first and second semester of freshman year. If someone wanted to transfer into Lynch they would be slightly behind and it may be difficult to catch up depending on the schedule.
Katelyn from Taunton, MA
In your application, really talk about WHY you want an education (especially from an institution so thoroughly grounded in societal morals). Think about how you can positively influence the world with what you learn, and how you can improve the lives of others while doing something you are passionate about. BC wants students like that: motivated young people with a desire to contribute to society and pursue their passions.
Claudia from McHenry, IL
Although this is a Jesuit community, the college is very open to all religious backgrounds and tries to support everyone in their beliefs. Furthermore, it is very easy to get engulfed in the Boston college bubble because we have everything a person can need close by: movie theater, restaurants, shopping center, parties, etc. Therefore, even though the city is only 30 minutes away, one may not go inbound at all and still have a good social life.
Andrea from Jackson Heights, NY
Though the core curriculum is full of very interesting classes, some of the best ones do not fulfill core requirements. Don't miss out on courses like Courage to Know just because you want to get all your core out of the way.
Courage to Know is a discussion-based course open exclusively to freshmen. In this class, you will discuss very profound and interesting topics with both the professor and two senior TA's. This isn't some out-there, hypothetical philosophy course; this is a class specifically tailored to your experience as a college freshman. My professor, Dr. Braman, was quite an amazing teacher and also served as an extremely helpful academic advisor. (He also teaches a course based on texts such as Plato, Aristotle, and the Bible called Perspectives that helps give students a firm basis in the formative literature and philosophies of the Western World. This is an intensive, full-year course that will fulfill four core requirements.)
So, make sure to check out the courses you might otherwise miss out on if you're too focused on just getting core out of the way, and look for a great advisor who can help set you up for a great second semester and sophomore year!
Peter from Glastonbury, CT