Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University
Baton Rouge, LA, USA


Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University
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accepted here and planning to attend soon
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In three sentences
Our Lady of the Lake is a college that is based off of it's religious beliefs. The faculty and staff is very welcoming and guides students step by step but also gives students the independents that they want and need. The college is very free going, help communities, and hold many events that will keep the college experiences fun.
Tips for prospective students
The tips that I would give prospective students is to enroll as early as possible and to make sure that they have all of the information that will be needed to enroll into the college. As soon as the student gets a email to go see a counselor about scheduling classes go immediately because classes get full after about 2 days.
Academic Rigor
Our Lady of the Lake College is a small college and has the environment of a high school classroom with each classroom holding up to 22 students. The teachers do everything in their will to give the students the materials, education, and motivation to reach the degree and goals that they set out for themselves.
Dorm Life
Our Lady of the Lake does not really own its own dorms but the students that wish to have a dorm environment may stay at the LSU dorms with their students plus the college is surrounded with available apartments at low prices.
Food and Dining
Our Lady of the Lake is surrounded by fast food restaurants and has the Our Lady of the Lake Hospital across the street that has a lunchroom.
What to do for fun
Our Lady of the Lake holds a lot of events on the campus, and football games. There is also a lot of stores located around the campus and an outlet that is no more than 5 miles away from campus.
Bang for the buck
Our Lady of the Lake is a very affordable college that only cost about 12,000-14,000 a year.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
The campus is actually surrounded by little private practices with doctors that can come of campus to talk to students about what really goes on in the profession that they choose. Even though the campus is small is has 12 buildings that is location around the hospital.
Great for these types of students
Our Lady of the Lake is great for the type of students that want a small campus, a one on one relationship with their teachers and counselor, and the motivation to keep on tracks to reach your goals.
Clubs and Activities
Most of the clubs at the college are mostly community service clubs the raise money for hospitals and other things for communities.
Greek Life
There is no greek life on campus.
Campus Safety
The safety of the college is help at a very high standing for the college. Any problems are reported to the police on campus or the security. Police are always patrolling the campus making sure that nothing will hurt anyone that is on campus.
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