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Admissions Telephone: 208-885-6362
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What Students Are Saying

3.69 Average Rating
Make sure to apply for scholarships awarded from the University as a freshman, because after that, the ones from the University just get awarded automatically. Make sure to take a variety of classes, so you know for sure what you want your major to be. Also, bring a mini-refrigerator to your dorm room! They're so nifty-especially when you get tired of food from the campus cafeteria, 'Bob's Place'.
Carrie from Viola, ID
Music students need to make sure that they practice every day from the get go. Not only do they need to be on top of their performance pieces, but if they hope to be successful I would suggest that they keep up on their scales as well.

Everyone needs to make sure that even if the class doesn't take attendance, you go to class every day. If you even miss one day, it could mean that you miss a very important topic. Besides, perfect attendance is smiled upon and could get you some bonus participation points. Studying as frequently as possible is also a great idea.
Rachel from Moscow, ID
The first semester of college is often a cultural shock. Never again in your life will you be surrounded by students your age striving to become something greater. Take advantage of what your future university offers, be studious first, but reach out to your peers and community in spare time. You would be surprised to see how much you will grow over the next few years.
Bradley from Nampa, ID
Eat healthy and exercise. When you live without your family cooking for you and making sure you are eating balanced meals for 4 or 5 years, you can really start to feel it in your body by your sophomore year. Learn how to cook balanced meals cheaply. They have an amazing recreation center; use it.
Tyler from Moscow, ID
Start searching for the funding you'll want to have for college now. Don't wait until you're digging for change in the couch to pay for a last minute fee. When you get an early start it'll save you from future stress when it comes time to pay for tuition and books.
Jordan from Moscow, ID
I would recommend rushing in the greek system. There is a house for everybody to fit into, with like minded men and women. Being greek creates opportunities to make friends and save a lot more money compared to the dorms and food plan. It also has set me up to be more successful with my education. Most houses require study hours with other members. And other members are always willing to help you when you get stuck on a problem. And the most important advice I can give is never skip class.
Matt from WA
PLEASE take classes in your major field your first year, even if it means you don't get all university basics done. It's better to know right out of the gate whether it's the major you still want to pursue. Be ready to walk. It's really the only way to see the campus, and it's small enough where it's not a big deal. It's also very dry here. I come from a very humid climate, and it was a bit of a shock.
Jenna from Georgetown, TX
Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Get involved in student activities! It will make you happier than sitting in your dorm room all alone on a Saturday evening. Don't do drugs and drink while you're here because you will just fail out and all that money that you spent on an education that you get nothing out of because you were stupid will not come back. Be smart, do your work, and have fun in moderation.
Brooke from Moscow, ID
I would recommend the University of Idaho in Moscow to anyone who likes being able to walk to virtually anywhere of consequence in town with little trouble at all. The campus is well laid out and from one end to the other its a ten minute walk at the maximum. If you don't want to walk all the way to WinCo, there's a bus that goes into town every day that's easy to use. I would recommend talking to your advisors about the classes you wish to take to complete your major, but most of all take advantage of the degree audit option on VandalWeb so you know whats going on as well!
Danielle from Moscow, ID
The University of Idaho is a great school to expand your knowledge and social skills. One of the best whether you are straight out of high school or transferring from another college. There is no other school like it in the state of Idaho
Nate from Payette, ID

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