University of New Mexico-Gallup Campus
Gallup, NM, USA


University of New Mexico-Gallup Campus
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Will learn a lot
At the University of New Mexico branch in Gallup, NM, I believe that I will most likely learn a lot. Students who are currently attending there say they are adapting to the learning environment quickly. They feel comfortable and welcomed. With these positive characteristics, I believe that I will be able to learn off the professors easier. Also, not only that, my dedication and commitment will help me increase my interest towards my major.
Will enjoy being here
Most likely, I will enjoy being at the Gallup Branch. Why? Because it has a very simple environment to be in. There isn't too much chaos as it is in the city. In addition, at least 3/4 of the campus contains Native Americans. I am pure Native and I will definately feel comfortable being where I am.
Bang for the buck
I strongly believe that I will get a great education out of the money I am using to get into this college. Even if it's just for an associate's degree. I will have some knowledge in me more than I would think I would. High school has taught me the basics, but I want to expand my knowledge in the architecture field. Therefore, the money that I will be using will all be paid off for in the end. I'm absolutely sure I won't be upset in the end.
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