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Fall Regular Decision December 1, 2020
Spring Regular Decision December 1, 2018
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 435-586-7740
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

3.74 Average Rating
Attend leadership weekends for opportunities to get involved before school even begins, and don't worry about not being able to make friends! Everyone here is so friendly that you could literally walk up to anyone and start a conversation!
Jenica from Tooele, UT
Try to visit campus before school starts. Meet with your academic adviser when you are trying to register for classes, they can give you tips on the classes.
Emily from Lehi, UT
-talk to develop friendships with your professors. they want to help you but you have to take the initiative to go to their office and work with them.
-get involved! there are so many great opportunities at suu, leadership opportunities, clubs, and activities, just to name a few.. go out there and join something!
-seriously consider study abroad. suu has a great study abroad program, look at the options for your major and decide if it's something interesting. it's a rare opportunity i would highly recommend taking advantage of. my time spent studying abroad was one of the best times of my life and a i really learned a lot while there.
-if you want a job, you need to move to cedar city a few weeks before school starts, or even better, at the beginning of the summer. cedar city is a hard place to find a job so you have to go down early if you want a chance.
-don't procrastinate! this goes for any school, not just suu. do everything sooner rather than later and you'll have work of a better quality and save yourself a lot of stress.
T from Springville, UT
get involved with organizations on campus. whether it is student government, greek organizations, sports, or a club, being involved on campus and meeting new people allows for a positive experience at southern utah university.
Chelsea from Draper, UT

Get your financial information done early, and if you want a job plan on being in Cedar City two weeks before school starts. To be guaranteed a fun semester, be a outgoing person willing to got out of your comfort zone and get involved in clubs.
Lauren from Heber City, UT
1.) Make sure you have financial aid. It will always help to apply for scholarships and FAFSA!! That is a huge help for me.
2.) Make sure you know your professors' hours when they are available and when they're not. It's less hassle when you and your professors are not busy at the same time.
3.) Just be yourself and no one else. Express yourself in a cool respectful way.
OH!!! and...
4.) Make sure you have a CAR! Sometimes it's fun to walk to stores but then again, it sucks not having a car if you need to go to WalMart and shop.

That's about it for now.
Karen Criselda from Las Vegas, NV
Make sure you use your professor's office hours. They are just sitting there at that allotted time just waiting for students to come in and talk with them. If you establish a relationship with their professor, they can help you out so much more, not only with the class itself, but also with your resume, internship and job placements, and anything else you may need help with.
Brianna from Helper, UT
-Know what your scholarships cover and what they are intended to cover. Tuition is typically raised yearly, so be prepared to protest it if it decreases the value of your scholarship.
-Most departmental scholarships are awarded to upper class-men and are rarely stacked.
-Apply for FAFSA as soon as possible
-If you are planning on living off campus, either reserve your housing early (April or May), or wait until the last possible second (the week that school starts). You get better deals either of those ways. Don't worry about it disappearing. Cedar City is overbuilt; that is why housing is inexpensive.
-Apply for jobs everywhere and pray someone can hook you up. If you are Work-Study eligible, start applying two weeks before school starts and you'll get something fairly quickly.
-Apply early!
-Tour the campus. A lot of students don't consider coming to SUU until after the tour. Also, you get a free T-Shirt and a coupon for 20% off at the bookstore. Careful, though- the coupon expires.
-If you don't like something, TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT IT! The staff is sympathetic with the students and often will change something just because you talked to them.
-Make friends with the faculty. They can give more advice than simply homework help.
-Deposit every dollar you make between now and college. You will not regret it.
Crystal from Nibley, UT
Prospective students should take a tour of campus to see how great it is. The ease to move around, look in, or sit in if you can, on a class to experience what makes SUU great. Experience the red rock of Cedar City and what there is to do around.
Bradley from Stansbury Park, UT
1. Do NOT judge a book by its' cover. Things just might surprise you.
2. Be yourself, the key to making & KEEPING friends, is to be who you are.
3. Get used to traveling out your comfort zone. I've never been away from my parents before, & going out of state was a nightmare for me, but it actually turned out to be the best thing & most AMAZING experience. Trust me(:
4. Stay on top of your work. Know what you want and DON'T forget why your here. Don't get caught up in having too much fun. College is WAY different than high school.
5. Last but not least: Make the best of your college years. College is the BEST experience you will ever have!
Jennifer from Las Vegas, NV

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