Walsh University
North Canton, OH, USA


Walsh University
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Taylor from Navarre, OH

a current student here
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In three sentences
walsh university is a great learning environment. the staff, faculty, and students alike have every person's best interests in mind. walsh is truly concerned with furthering both education and well-being.
Tips for prospective students
keep grades up and study hard.
Academic Rigor
walsh classes are challenging, but the teachers are willing to stay as long as needed. also, many tutors and help is available.
Dorm Life
the dorms are super nice.
Food and Dining
there are many places to get food on campus, and it is all tasty.
What to do for fun
belden village is a few minutes away, leading to much fun.
Bang for the buck
walsh, though a little pricey, is worth every dollar in my opinion.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
we have a great chapel, new buildings, and everything is within walking distance.
Great for these types of students
walsh is great for every type of student.
Clubs and Activities
many clubs and activities are available. i love the art club!
Campus Safety
police are at every event and are very nice. they are willing to help with anything and are constantly checking up on the safety of the campus.
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