Speech Teacher Education

A program that prepares individuals to teach speech and language arts programs at various educational levels.

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“…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's campus, to me, is a great metaphor for the university as a whole; first off, it's full of color and zest, with all the beautiful trees everywhere. In addition, many of its buildings have very strange...” – Audrey from Athens, GA

“…The University of Washington is a challenging school that blossoms independence and creativity. The majority of all faculty members are enthusiastic about the subject they teach, and are willing to assist all students. This school provides excellent...” – Ronald from Honolulu, HI

“…indiana university has the most beautiful campus in all of indiana and is surprisingly very easy to get around despite how large it is. the students and professors are great and really easy to get along with, and are always willing to help out in any...” – Kyle from Merrillville, IN

“…Central Michigan University has the best professors for the Recreation Department! Everyone here is a family and the people really do care about your well being and future. This college has made me a better person through it's programs.” – Jelina from Mt. Pleasant, MI

“…Colorado State University has given me the best college experience I could dream of. There are opportunities for anything you could imagine - and these opportunities are everywhere! Everyone is friendly, and all anyone wants is for each and every...” – Bailey

“…iupui is has a great educational atmosphere that goes out of its way to teach its students valuable life experience. iupui is a university that teaches its students to try to make impact on its community by doing various volunteer activities. the...” – Arnesha from Jeffersonville, IN

“…Hofstra is a great college, with an at home feel that will increase your chance of success. The campus is clean, the professors helpful, and the food is good! There is no other college I would have rather attended.” – Lorie from Minnesota

“…i am a transfer to this college and i have to say that it is amazing. hunter college has hundreds of courses you can choose from, a nice environment, wonderful people and everyone is extremely helpful.i would recommend anyone to attend this school” – Aisha from Bronx, NY

“…Outstanding educational experience. Course offered are a length, and offered at times that are most advantageous to the working/professional student. Counselors and teacher offer advice and mentorship that make this school worth attending.” – Tariq from Semmes, AL

“…beautiful campus full of friendly, welcoming people. a diverse amount of academic programs with excellence in many. in the middle of an awesome town with many attractions and places to go. ” – Kyle from Shoreline, WA

“…One of the best in the midwest! My experience has been great, everybody is dedicated to making the Elmhurst Experience better. Beautiful campus, great reputation.” – Chad from Lombard, IL

“…Augustana has an absolutely beautiful campus. The professors there are kind and willing to help. The classrooms are the perfect size for students looking for a smaller college atmosphere.” – Alexandra

“…Boise State University is a beautiful school. It is very socialized with tons of campus activities such as sports. I enjoy going to school here as well as living in the dorm on campus.” – Yonsoo from Boise, ID

“…I love the atmosphere here at UNI. The students are amazing and the professors are always there to help. The class sizes are perfect for someone who is looking for a college that has a lot going on but isn't too big.” – Christina from Cedar Falls, IA

“…bradley gives a well-rounded education. the campus is beautiful and everything is easily accessible. the students, faculty, staff, and professors are nice and always willing to give a helping hand.” – Megan from Lake Zurich, IL

“…BYU-IDAHO is spectacular. It has all the curriculum that I am looking for. The spiritual environment is great for my spiritual growth. One of the best religious schools.” – VALERIE from ORLANDO, FL

“…idaho state university is a good school, with high standards in academics. the professors at this university will help in any way possible to get you the best grade and the knowledge of the subject along with it. i would recommend this school to...” – Morgan from Logan, UT

“…Lee University is a great school that challenges its students academically and spiritually. There are many clubs on campus and numerous ways to get involved. Lee will equip you for the future and give you tools for a successful life after college.” – Sarah from Murrayville, GA

“…I absolutely love the campus. Chapel is beyond amazing. I just wish they offered geoscience engineering classes.” – Aileen from Claremore, OK

“…Harding is a great school with great opportunities for students. Teachers are very helpful and truly care about students. I would recommend Harding to anybody looking to be involved in a tight community of students. ” – Janice from Bartlesville, OK

“…york college is a great place to go to school if you like the small town atmosphere. professors and students really want to know you on a personal level so you will have the opportunity to make relationships that last a lifetime. this school is...” – Dustin from Silver Lake, KS

“…i love the campus at usd. the environment is small and comfortable. i've had nothing but great professors and my horizons have been widened.” – Leslie from Vermillion, SD

“…Houston Baptist is an excellent school. The professors know you by name, really care about you and want to see you succeed. It's small school so you get a lot of attention from your professors!” – Claudia from Missouri City, TX

“…Union University is the best school on the face of the earth. Teachers really care about the success of the student and encourage the students to do their very best. Almost all of the students there are friendly and genuinely care about their peers.” – Justin from Belmont, MS

“…Capital University is a great place to pursue an undergraduate degree. The location of the university is ideal for those who are focused on pursuing a higher learning. And the faculty and staff of Capital University are the best and want you to...” – DeShawn from Detroit, MI

“…Arkansas Tech University in my book rates about 7 out of 10. The campus and people are great and classes are small, the teachers really get to know their students. However, the accessibility features are outdated and need improving. ” – Christina from Russellville, AR

“…great campus! great people! not much to do outside of campus though.” – Happy Student

“…black hills state is an excellent school, there are very friendly people, and helpful staff. the campus is in a very beautiful location in the black hills of south dakota. there are always fun activities going on around campus. ” – Sarah from Spear, SD

“…Austin College is an amazing liberal arts school for students studying pre-med, psychology, or international relations. However, if you are not from a rich family, affording this school is very difficult and you will quickly find yourself...” – Lisa from Sherman, TX

“…emporia state university is a great school, it is a very student driven campus with lots of opportunity's to get involved with the community and different clubs. the teachers and staff are very welcoming and go out of there way to make sure all needs...” – Natasha from Osborne, KS

“…Southeast Missouri State University is a friendly, safe, and inexpensive college. Anybody who gets the chance to take a tour of the campus will never turn back. This is a great college to further their education that will take them places for the...” – Melissa from Chester, IL

“…Ouachita to me cannot be rated! Ouachita's faculty and students create a positive influence that helps me become better in all that I do. I believe Ouachita helps students thrive in all they do and all they will do.” – Brian from El Paso, TX

“…Wayne is so friendly that you never feel homesick. I live in Bowen and it is one of the best dorms to live in, due to all the activities that go on in it. Campus has a lot of new equipment and recent technology that you feel so outdated when you come...” – Allison from David City, NE

“…Dickinson State University offers online degrees that gives flexibility to self motivated students who want to succeed. In my first semester, none of my classes required Skype for lessons. I had to have a few proctored exams but there was always an...” – Adrienne from Remington, IN

“…Hardin-Simmons is a family where as you walk to class you know almost every person you pass. Hardin-Simmons is a place of freedom to serve and speak about Jesus. Hardin-Simmons is an education enlightened by faith where the teachers care about the...” – Holly from Desoto, TX

“…brooklyn college is a great school. it has a beautiful campus, a variety of interesting courses and a very big resource-filled library. however, one thing lack in brooklyn college is the lack of a thriving social culture and atmosphere. ” – John from Brooklyn, NY

“…A university dedicated to providing service to those indeed. A really good University in terms of it's size and the opportunities that it can bring to students who are interested. It has a really good Political Science Program.” – Mauricio from Cedar Rapids, IA

“…pretty decent engineering school. big competition. if you want to do architecture its a good school too.” – Waldemar from Ridgewood, NY

“…This school is a good one. I've gone to several different schools and this is my favorite one so far. I would rate them high.” – Amanda from Bidwell, OH

“…Hastings College is a small college with a beautiful campus and friendly environment. The students and faculty are driven and always helpful. With it's capacity to help you develop a personalized degree and Liberal Arts Program, you really can...” – Lisa from Hastings, NE

“…Trevecca has a great atmosphere! There are so many resources for students to succeed in class and in life. The only downside is its expensiveness.” – Javonte from Collierville, TN

“…Itawamba Community college provides an amazing atmosphere that is conducive for learning. The instructors are awesome. This school is amazing!” – Ke'Sha from Columbus, MS

“…I love the campus size, students, and faculty. The people here are amazing and loving and care to see you succeed. The small school life is perfect for me.” – Brittney from Bedford, TX

“…It's a small campus. You get to know the teachers and kids around you. All the buildings are connected.” – Nicki from Marshall, MN

“…Olivet College is a small private school that has a simple campus to maneuver through. Any one who attends Olivet will know everyone and the teachers will know you by your first name instead of a number. It is a safe environment for students and the...” – Katelyn from Jackson, MI

“…They have a great community that is friendly. They have the best program for Criminal Justice. They are everything that I want and need for a college.” – Denzel from Kansas City, MO

“…Great school with hours and location that are perfectly convenient for a single parent. I love the teachers and they are always there for support.” – Larissa from Council Bluffs, IA

“…A small, social, one-on-one private College. Everything that is Christian based. We take every opportunity we can to help our community.” – Allison from Amarillo, TX

“…It's a very diverse school. Many of the staff are willing to help. The campus is always clean.” – Mary Anne from Woodside, NY

“…st. ambrose university is a small, liberal arts college. it is diverse in the acedemic and social possibilities for their students. laslty, it is a very warm and welcoming place, a home away from home. ” – Emily from Arlington Hts., IL

“…This is an excellent university committed to student success. You can expect to find smaller classes which allow for more personalized instruction. The professors are genuinely interested in each students success!” – ALEXANDRA from RAYMORE, MO

“…a great school.many options for your major.great staff.” – Dixie from Solomon, KS