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Canada College
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Drew from Redwood City, CA

a current student here
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In three sentences
The professors on campus are some of the best you'll find at any community college and in many cases they're nationally rated. Well compensated for their time, professors here are there to stay, and they really care deeply for their students. It also doesn't hurt that the college is on top of a hill and has a beautiful view of the entire bay.
Tips for prospective students
Cañada College can be a great stepping stone to a top rated four year if you let it. Get involved on campus and you'll find truth behind their slogan from here you can go anywhere.
Academic Rigor
I give this a four out of five not because it lacks difficulty but because it's up to you how hard you want to make it on yourself. You can choose easy professors and squeeze by learning the absolute minimum, or you can challenge yourself for what your really their to earn; a higher education.
Dorm Life
No dorms as of 2012
Food and Dining
Brand new as of this years is The Grove, a completely modern cafe/cafeteria that serves all 'grade A' meats. As a student at Cañada you benefit from residing in a large district but going to a relatively small school. Many, many choices of what to eat. Daily 'chef specials' and there is always free stuff if you buy one thing or another.
What to do for fun
There is basketball, football, American football, a fully functional workout center, and oddly enough there always seems to be a group of 'Frisbee-ers' on campus. Also a plethora of computers bring a lot of 'lan' gaming.
Bang for the buck
46 Dollars a unit for residents...302 for non-residents
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Cañada College is on top of a hill overlooking the Bay from San Francisco to San Jose. Most of the parking lots have phenomenal views and often you'll find various students sitting and enjoying this view in their cars.
Great for these types of students
If you like small colleges with one to one relations with your professors this would be great college for you. If you come from somewhere with a lot of trees, Cañada can make you feel at home.
Clubs and Activities
20+ clubs on campus all lead by a very active Associated Student government. Phi Zeta Beta (honors society) took 4th Internationally this year!
Greek Life
Campus Safety
Very friendly security guards coupled with a very honest student body.
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